Why IAS Passion

Agreed there is a lot of awareness regarding Civil Services Examination still majority of candidates are not well acquainted with the process, pattern of examination, needs and requirements and how it is different from other academic examinations.

Every year hundred thousands of young men & women apply for Civil Services (Preliminary) examination and most of them just jump into the water without anticipating the depth leave aside knowing how to swim.

Some, who have practical knowledge and mental preparation start to swim and rest; what to tell some just don't turn up for the examination, some appear just to gauge the depth of water i.e. what is the standard, what type of questions are asked. Such candidates unnecessarily crowd the scene and make competition look tougher for serious, capable and committed candidates.

So to speak, just to be familiar with the examination, many candidates waste precious time and energy. That's why IAS Passion is created to explain almost everything in advance about the career in 'Civil Services' and the 'Civil Services Examination'. This is an attempt to make candidates aware that the real competition here is among the bright and talented candidates only rather than the crowd.

It is an effort to put almost all information related to Civil Services Examination conducted every year by UPSC (Union Public Services Commission). It is woven in such a manner that it would be useful for the beginners and for those also who have availed attempt/attempts with dream to be IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officers.

What is the need?

When we talk about awareness; be it electronic media, newspapers and even magazines, all of these cover IAS toppers once every year when the Civil Services Examination results are out in the month of 'May'. Seldom have we found coverage related to Civil Services and articles motivating educated youth towards Civil Services and all these fail miserably to facilitate the much required role of being inspirational.

Some can argue that Career & Competition related magazine cover IAS Toppers every month but most of the times, the coverage is tilted more about their own publicity or about the coaching institutes endorsed by toppers rather than giving the desired details regarding the preparation plan.

IAS Passion has been created with a single viewpoint of making a better understanding of the needs and requirements and to provide the information and new ideas/thoughts related to effective preparation for Civil Services Examination which is becoming more creative and innovative.

How it is different?

See it to believe. Search the web and you will find hundreds of websites devoted to Career in Civil Services, IAS and how to prepare. We don't claim to be in virgin territory but the way information is arranged and flow of ideas is fashioned in such a way that lend a hand to visitors to understand the desired details step-by-step.

The look and feel of the website and sitemap has been finalized after spending months over each stage. A lot of inputs, advice have been incorporated which has come from many successful IAS candidates, hundreds of candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination and many well-known experts at coaching institutes rendering a helping hand to candidates.

This has been done keeping in mind the aspirations and psyche of candidates appearing in Civil Services Examination in India.

This is just the beginning, gradually you will feel and notice how we respond to your needs and our endeavour would be to serve you the best and latest relevant to Civil Services Examination.

We are eager to have your impulse reaction to IAS Passion and about your views and opinion regarding IAS Passion

We would be glad to have your comment/suggestions/remarks to make it more useful for you.

Wishing you all the best!