Mastering Civil Service (Preliminary) Exam

General Science
Admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

General Science is included in syllabus to enable the candidates to explain their observations and to explore the structure of the world around. Science is part of human experience and has relevance for everyone. Knowledge relating to science makes candidates to be inquisitive, reflective and critical thinkers. Being better informed, the future Civil Servants would be able to argue and discuss about sensitive, moral, ethical and environmental issues. An appreciatio...
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General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change - that do not require subject specialization
Admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

You should keep an eye on the planning, promotion, co-ordination and overseeing the implementation of India's environmental and forestry policies and programs. The awareness about the implementation of policies and programs relating to conservation of the country's natural resources including its lakes and rivers, its biodiversity, forests and wildlife, ensuring the welfare of animals, and the prevention and abatement of pollution. Issues relating to the principle ...
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Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.
Admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

This section deals with the perspectives of political and legal institutions to explore the structure and processes of government. This section involves areas including history of Indian constitution, our Parliament, Judiciary and Panchayati Raj. Public Policy and Rights issues are new topics added to syllabus. You should keep abreast with the latest development in these areas and the magnitude of rewards in being updated is going to be very high. What to do? This is a constituent which is highly dynamic in nature. Standard text-books and NCERT books would help you in getting fundamental clear. Newspaper reading is going to be of great help in tackling many questions.
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Indian and World Geography - Physical, Social, Economic geography of India and the World.
Admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

Geography uses the concepts of place and space to explore environmental patterns and processes. This is a very important section and if you look at recent Preliminary Examination papers you will find that many questions were flowing from this section. You have to be through with almost all topics covered under this section as question from wide range of topics from Indian and World Geography is being asked. Be clear about the climate, agriculture, minerals resour...
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History of India and Indian National Movement
Admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

History uses the perspective of time to explore the past and aspects of continuity and change. The past trend in number of questions asked in Prelims clearly indicates that examiner is skewed immensely on history of Modern India and Indian National Movement. Sporadic questions occur from ancient and medieval history. Taking clue from the flow towards history of Modern India and Indian National Movement, you can consider giving more weightage to these areas when preparing for this section. What to do? NCERT books are quite useful in gaining knowledge and fact-sheets. For coverage of History of modern India, Freedom Struggle by Bipan Chandra is valuable.
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Preparing Current events of national and international importance
Admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

Being pragmatic in approach, the composition of the General Studies Paper has demonstrated an overflowing trend in favour of questions related to current affairs. Now, being well-informed is going to be worthy as hardly you will find any direct question asking facts or figures. You should feel lucky if you get these in the coming Preliminary or Main Examination. When you are preparing for such a vast examination like Civil Services Examination, you clearly need more cont...
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Preliminary Examination Paper II: Resource for preparing Mathematics and English
Admin Last Update on: 12 Jun 2020

One of the most asked question today is which book/study-material to read for Mathematics and English Comprehension for Paper II preparation and many candidates are roaming around to acquire exceptional know-how about CSAT and as the chances are, you will encounter diverse opinion from different set of people. The result – you will get confused and would struggle to find right approach to respond to the emerging needs. If you are able to find quality study material, it i...
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Paper II: Test that will test your aptitude
Admin Last Update on: 12 Jun 2020

Many candidates inquire about the type of questions from Interpersonal Skills & Communication Skills, Decision Making & Problem Solving sections and can these questions may be asked in comprehension format. Other common question that is commonly asked relates to - can questions from these constituents be asked from English language, vocabulary or grammar? I may be seen as a person with contrarian view that questions from most of the constituents in Paper II ...
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Everything is important, pay equal attention to each constituent
Admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

There is a purpose for accommodating so many constituents in the examination process as the syllabus has been prepared with an objective to assess your all-round knowledge, adaptability and above all general awareness. It is time to learn new things. I would say, soak up everything that comes your way. But, do that keeping in mind how much time you have in hand and what all you have to cover during this limited period. Success in Civil Services Examination is all about planning and what to read, how much to read and what to leave. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses and move ahead with a systematic approach depending on your requirements. Keep preparing and have a pleasant and success-oriented journey towards your goal – IAS.
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