Beginners' Mindset

IAS 2020: Accept the challenge and make sincere efforts by giving your best
admin Last Update on: 30 Jun 2020

Today, there are many candidates who look at Civil Services Examination as part of career development and progression as they take up careers at an early age that materialize as a result of their academic achievements and their abilities. At an appropriate time, these talented candidates take up the challenge and with meticulous planning and smart execution, accomplish the task in style. You look for motivation and want to understand the needs and requirements about Civil Serv...
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Toppers' Preparation Strategies for Civil Services Exam that reflect the Current Trends - Important Takeaways
admin Last Update on: 26 May 2020

My job is never done when it comes to analyse CSE results and spot trends to list out the factors that contribute in success in Civil Services Examination. This so called ‘unpredictable examination’ has something unique every year and a blink changes life for many. As usual, I have been talking to some of the top rankers and successful candidates in Civil Services Examination 2017 and have gathered some useful information that can be of some help to you. Although, ...
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Are you eyeing top rank in first attempt that ensures post of ‘IAS’?
admin Last Update on: 26 May 2020

Success in First Attempt; there is no magic in it; you need to be optimistic and demonstrate your commitment to the GOAL you have set for yourself. ‘Indian Administrative Service’ is top of mind and many capable candidates put in their best to achieve top ranks so that they don’t need to face this gruelling exam-plan again. But, it is not that simple - you just imagined and you achieve in what is perceived to be the toughest exam-plan in the country.
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At what stage, should one start preparing seriously about Civil Services Examination?
admin Last Update on: 25 Jun 2020

Career in ‘Civil Services’ is a dream for many; but, some candidates plan to appear in examination immediately after being eligible and some wait for the right time before they think about it seriously. The aim is to give your best performance. It is up to you to decide when you wish to appear in examination. How much time you will take to reach the level this examination requires is again differs from individual to individual. Decide which camp you...
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Career in Civil Services: Think that you have only one attempt and try to give your best
admin Last Update on: 24 Jun 2020

In the society we live in, majority of educated and aspiring youth grow up with dream to be in the coveted Indian Administrative Service. Even, every parent wishes to see their kids to be successful in life and want to see them become IAS officers when they grow. Every year, many talented and competent youngsters fulfil their as well as their parent’s wishes by achieving success in Civil Services Examination. Some of the successful candidates with top ranks go on to accomplish t...
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Prioritize Your Needs for an Effective IAS Preparation Strategy
admin Last Update on: 21 Aug 2021

To begin with Civil Services Examination preparation, you need to recognize the examination related needs and requirements so that a workable plan is in place that guides you throughout your preparation days. After looking at the syllabus, the first thing we suggest is start your preparation with last few years&rsquo...
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For a beginner, how to read a Newspaper, which areas to concentrate more?
admin Last Update on: 09 Aug 2021

For Civil Services Examination preparation, people talk about e-paper but if you are comfortable reading e-papers, then only you should read the internet editions of newspapers. Initially, it would be difficult for a beginner to understand the structure and site-map of any internet edition of newspaper to search the important news items stacked under different headings/segments. For a beginner, it is better to read print edition of any good national daily. By scanning headings...
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Aiming Civil Services Examination: How to prepare current affairs?
admin Last Update on: 26 Jun 2020

Handling Civil Services Examination preparation is tricky and those who recognize the opportunities and act on them sensibly finally go on to grab the chance they get. Those who follow traditional way for Civil Services Examination preparation and take ‘current affairs’ lightly, either they aren’t paying attention or they do not realize the importance to being abreast with the latest. Reading newspapers/magazines casually is just scratching the surface. Many ...
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Thinking of making career in Civil Services: Your intellectual Calibre is at test
admin Last Update on: 24 Jun 2020

Before you begin, for an effective preparation, it is absolutely essential to be acquainted with the fact; what the examiner’s expectations are? Civil Services Examination is very different from other examinations and you should understand from the fact that those with post-graduation, sometimes, are not able to crack this examination even in all attempts available where as a fresh graduate does it in style in very first attempt. Civil Servants for...
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Current affairs resource for IAS Preparation: Newspapers, Internet & Magazines
admin Last Update on: 26 Jun 2020

In the new environment, your entire performance is greatly influenced by your information and awareness level. Intent of UPSC is clear; as this examination becomes creative and innovative, being abreast with the latest is going to be the key to success. Be it Preliminary or Main Examination, your strong foundation (conceptual clarity) and up-to-date knowledge base is at work. And, the coverage is so wide and deep that you cannot rely on a single source for efficient coverage of c...
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