IAS Success Stories

I was clear that nothing except Hard Work will help and I was willing to do it; say Saumya Sharma (AIR 9; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

Saumya Sharma, born and brought up in Delhi, is a law graduate from National Law University, Delhi. She completed her graduation in 2017; while in her final semester, she commenced preparation for Civil Services Examination simultaneously. In her first attempt, she has achieved 9th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2017. Saumya had a brilliant academic record throughout and earlier, had cracked CLAT and AILET in 20...
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This exam requires a broad understanding and not rote learning of facts; says Pratham Kaushik (AIR 5; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

Inspired by the success of Shah Faesal (AIR 1; CSE 2009) and Gaurav Agarwal (AIR 1; CSE 2013) and an ardent fan of Roger Federer, Pratham Kaushik has secured 5th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017. During his school days, Pratham got fascinated towards ‘Civil Services’ when he heard a lot about the good work carried out by the Deputy Commissioner in his district and the affect it showed on the town.
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Focus on maintaining pH i.e. Patience and Hard-work helped me succeed; says Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

Success in Civil Services Examination is more to do with what is going on in our mind. The pattern of thoughts, passion and actions that follows determines the ultimate result. Story of Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017) is no different; it is all about putting his Goal in writing and passionately taking small but steady steps to accomplish the task in hand. Initiating chat with views about career exploration Vishal said, “Once insights and awareness conve...
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My whole IAS Preparation has been product of Hit and Trial methods; says Utsav Gautam (AIR 33; CSE 2017)
Admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

When you are aspiring for tests like Civil Services Examination, several virtues work in your favour; the most significant of them are ‘clarity of purpose’ and ‘focus’. Utsav Gautam (AIR 33; CSE 2017) has shown that if you have talent; success may come a little late; but, with persistence and single-mindedness, ultimately you can achieve what you aim for. Brilliance of Utsav was reflecting from his school days and after...
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Don’t compare your journey with someone else; Take some clues to stimulate your efforts and make your preparation effectual, says Siddhant Jain (AIR 201; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

For a Car enthusiast and stock market buff, Siddhant Jain (AIR 201; CSE 2017) it is a combination of interest and passion that helped him chart his career and even succeed in Civil Services Examination. Siddhant, B.Tech (Industrial and Systems Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, has maintained an impeccable academic record and a very diverse set of interests. While chosing optional subject also, he made cross-domain shift and wit...
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A sense of purpose came at very early stage and aim was clearly defined; so, all I needed was an effective strategy, says Rishi Raj (AIR 27; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

While completing B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) in 2015 from IIT ISM, Dhanbad, Rishi Raj simultaneously appeared in GATE also and secured AIR 5. But, during medical, he was diagnosed colour blind that made him unfit for engineering services. So, he just shifted his focus from technical jobs to non-technical services in shape of ‘Civil Services’. As such, career in Civil Services was back of mind because during graduation he found that cases of mol...
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With a seamless plan, right guidance and inner motivation, I achieved my Ultimate Goal; says Ankit Jain (AIR 222; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

After completing B.Tech Ankit Jain (AIR 222; CSE 2017) worked in IT sector for about eighteen months before he finally committed himself towards his GOAL – career in ‘Civil Services’. Recounting the events, Ankit Said, “After working for around 1.5 years, I started realizing that this is not where I want to be; and I could not see it as a long term career in terms of self-satisfaction.” “In ‘Civil Serv...
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Enamoured by the Indian Foreign Service, for me it was just bridging the gap between the vision and actually accomplishing it; says Vallari Mahendra Gaikwad (AIR-131; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

After pursuing post graduation in law, Vallari Mahendra Gaikwad had a short stint at litigation in Supreme Court, and while it was a good experience, she wasn’t entirely satisfied and wanted to do something that will offer her more diversity and challenge. I was reminded of what Confucius had said “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!” Articulating h...
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“Smart Work and Focused Strategy with Consistent Effort are the Key Mantras for my Success“; says Amol Srivastava (AIR 83; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

For a career in ‘Civil Services’ seeds were sown in mind of Amol Srivastava (AIR 83; CSE 2017) since childhood by his grandparents and parents. Career in ‘Civil Services’ was back of mind and during graduation his ideas matured as some clarity emerged about it. However, he joined a Bengaluru based corporate firm; but, soon he left job to prepare seriously for Civil Services Examination. Clarifying the steps he took for ...
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Pure Hard Work, Patience and Perseverance seasoned with a dash of Luck helped me sail through; says Aparajita (AIR 40; CSE 2017)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

Aparajita, born and brought up in Varanasi, had constant contemplation about making career in ‘Civil Services’ as she was influenced by her maternal grandfather who always wanted her to consider it as a career option. Enlightening the motivation and support she got from her family when she finally chose career in ‘Civil Services’ Aparajita said, “My father Mr. C Ram Babu is a retired IRS officer and my mother Late Dr. Vij...
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