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Nandini K.R. Tops Civil Services Examination, 2016; 1099 candidates selected
admin Last Update on: 31 May 2017

Once again female candidate Nandini K R took the crown by topping Civil Services Examination 2016. 2nd Rank has been grabbed by Anmol Sher Singh Bedi and Gopal Krishna Ronanki has got 3rd rank. The first stage of the examination, Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2016 was conducted on 7th August, 2016. Total applicants this time were 11,35,943 candidates, out of which 4,59,659 candidates actually appeared in Preliminary Examination. 15,452 candidat...
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Marks secured by Top 4 Ranks in Civil Services Examination 2015
admin Last Update on: 18 Mar 2017

Comparing marks of topper reveals the difference of marks that helps them emerge on top. As has been observed, difference of marks in top few ranks is more and leaving aside top ranks, the difference goes down and we find many candidates having similar aggregate. As such the motivation comes from toppers marks and accordingly candidates set an aim to reach the level somewhere near that target. The marks break-up of top 4 ranks in Civil Services Examination 2015 gives a...
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Civil Services Examination 2014 result announced; top 4 slots grabbed by women candidates
admin Last Update on: 04 Jul 2020

With Civil Services Examination 2014 final result, a total of 1236 candidates have made it to the merit-list. This time top 4 ranks have been cornered by women candidates that goes on to show the continued superb performance by them in grabbing top ranks. Based on the results of the written part of Civil Services Examination, 2014 held by the Union Public Service Commission in December, 2014 and the interviews for Personality Test held in April-June, 2015, the candidates have ...
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Top 3 ranks Civil Services Examination 2013: Mark-Sheets
admin Last Update on: 26 Apr 2020

The mark break-up of top 3 ranks in Civil Services Examination 2013 is given that reveals toppers performance in each paper in written examination and in interview (Personality Test). Gaurav Agrawal (AIR 1, CSE 2013) has secured total of 975 marks and has got good support from Interview marks that have come at 206 and even optional subject marks also contributed notably. Munish Sharma (AIR 2, CSE 2013) has got an aggregate of 936 marks that in...
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CSE 2011 Result show improved performance from female candidates.
Admin Last Update on: 25 Jun 2020

In past few years performance of female candidates in Civil Services Examination is on the rise. This year again, the final result of CSE 2011 reveals that the first and second ranks have been grabbed by females – Shena Agarwal and Rukmani Riar. Last year, in CSE 2010 also the top two spots were occupied by female candidates S Divyadharshini and Shweta Mohanty. In Civil Services Examination 2011, there are 195 Female candidates among total 910 candidates recomm...
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CSE 2011 Result: a wider distribution across India among top 25
Admin Last Update on: 25 Jun 2020

The result also showcases the pan-Indian distribution of successful candidates of the Civil Services Examination 2011. 1st Rank, Shena Agarwal is from Haryana and 2nd Rank Rukmani Riar is from Punjab likewise amongst the top 25 candidates, there are candidates claiming domicile from as many as 16 States, i.e., Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Uttarakhand &a...
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