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Optional Subject Performance in Civil Services Exam 2018 - An Observation
admin Last Update on: 25 Sep 2021

Though, the weightage of the optional subject paper in just 500 marks out of aggregate 2025 marks; still, picking only ‘ONE’ optional subject is a major decision and its influence reflects clearly in your final results. Aspirants’ curiosities converge at the Optional Subject that helped these candidates in accomplishment; we look at current trends and subject performance in recent CSE 2018. Since the official authentic data available in public domain are ...
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Civil Services Exam favours Humanities background candidates but Science background candidate’s success-rate is higher, why?
admin Last Update on: 25 Sep 2021

It is whispered thought that the Civil Services Examination favours candidates from Humanities and Literature of Languages. No arguments on the fact and since decades, subject like History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Public Administration, Philosophy etc. have been ruling here. Look at the trend in optional subjects chosen by the candidates recommended for selection and you will find their complete domination in Civil Services Examination. The question c...
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Optional Subject Selection for CS (Main) Exam: Points to consider
Admin Last Update on: 16 Jun 2020

UPSC has just carried some reform forward and now, candidates for Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013 need to pick only ‘One’ optional subject. For new candidates, it is puzzling but, even those who have appeared earlier with two optional subjects, it is not going to be easy to decide which one to keep and which to shun? Continuing the tradition, UPSC has given liberty to choose an optional subject for Main Examination from the given list of optional subjec...
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CSE 2011 Result Analysis: Candidates with commerce background
Admin Last Update on: 01 Jul 2020

The commerce background candidate’s first consideration should be their own stream of subject available i.e. Commerce & Accountancy. It has been observed that commerce background candidates particularly simple graduate with Commerce find it difficult to handle the Civil Services Examination with Commerce & Accountancy as optional subject as in first look the syllabus gives a feel that it is hard to crack and majority of them consider that higher studies candidates like C...
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