Mastering Civil Service (Preliminary) Exam

Success in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination is the First Target
admin Last Update on: 19 Aug 2021

There is curiosity around to know what works and what strategy one needs to adopt so that Preliminary Examination can be encountered successfully in the first attempt itself. Back to the basics approach and by identifying the emerging needs one can come close to the success; but nothing is certain. With multi-stage exam-plan, UPSC has signalled that candidates with suitable aptitude would be able to move ahead and understanding of complete exam-plan is essential.
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IAS Preliminary Exam Preparation : Understand the Level of the Examination
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 19 Aug 2021

This is no ordinary examination that you aim to crack. With rising competition and all candidates attempting two compulsory papers with difficulty level - easy to moderate, it has become more of the luck of the draw for aspirants. Moreover, the cut-off depends up on your performance in General Studies Paper I only; so, you have to divert most of your attention towards it. General Studies...
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IAS Preliminary Examination
admin Last Update on: 19 Jun 2020

Preliminary Examination is the first stage of Civil Services Examination and is just a screening test. It consists of Two Question Papers worth 200 marks each and Two hours duration. At this stage you face a stiff competition as a large number of candidates appear in Preliminary Examination. Your result is solely dependent on marks secured in Paper I (General Studies) as Paper II (Aptitude Test) has been made qualifying. To know more about each paper, please cl...
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Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2020: What should be your focus right now?
admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

It has been really testing time for candidates appearing in Civil Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2020 as the examination has been rescheduled from 31st May 2020 to 4th October 2020. For quite some time now, you are preparing for coming Preliminary Examination 2020, it is time for revision and practice. Till now, you must have read, revised and evaluated what all you read, at regular intervals. As 4th October 2020 approaches, be ready with the crisp notes...
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Will I succeed in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2020 ?
admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

As it happens, often majority of candidates start preparing for Civil Services Examination about a year before the examination. if youcommenced preparation for Civil Services Examination 2020 in the beginning of last year, by now you would have completed your preparation and now, would be concentrating on Prelims related things. When you are well prepared; there is no scope for any doubt. Success will be yours! Why not; after all you have been consistent with prep...
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Preliminary Examination – is it a bumpy ride?
admin Last Update on: 15 Jun 2019

When a fresher commence preparation for Civil Services Examination, Preliminary Examination is the first hurdle they look at. Even for those taking next attempt, Preliminary Examination is a trial-zone, particularly for those it has proved to be a stumbling block on previous occasion. As candidates look at syllabus and previous years’ papers, the sense they make out of these is that it is easy and can be handled within 2-3 months and a reasonably good performance can be ...
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Road-map to success in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination
admin Last Update on: 30 Jun 2020

With sincere efforts for the Preliminary Examinations, try to convert your dreams into reality. In short, you just do not have time to build castles in the air. In last few months, while many candidates have prepared systematically; some non-serious candidates just waste precious time in anticipation of notification to commence preparation. If you are eyeing Civil Services Examination 2020, still it is not over; you can handle the situation with proper understanding, right str...
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Some Most Important Aspects Pertaining to Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019
admin Last Update on: 17 Feb 2019

This is a big examination and a stiff competition requires a systematic study-plan that involves thorough preparation of complete syllabus, frequent modifications and revision. It also entails a regular evaluation of what all you studied in past few months. What you require? To confidently face the unpredictability that this examination throws, you need a balanced preparation that involves conceptual clarity and updated information along with awareness about t...
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Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination : what are your priorities in next few days?
admin Last Update on: 11 Jun 2020

Life is full of opportunities ... here’s one for you! The Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2020 is near. You have to acknowledge the importance of Preliminary Examination and how significant success at this stage is. By now, you must have covered the complete syllabus for Prelims Paper I & II and would be moving according to the plan with revision and evaluation of your preparedness. I hope Newspaper reading is continuing. There is no specific prepara...
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Civil Services Aptitude Tests: What demands the changes throw?
admin Last Update on: 17 Feb 2019

Preliminary Examination General Studies Paper I and II are all about aptitude that aims to test intelligence, aptitude or ability of the candidate. It is an instrument designed to produce a quantitative assessment of the candidate. These aptitude tests are based on multiple choice questions. These are significant and reliable as everyone answers the papers in the same examination conditions resulting in fair evaluation. The Aptit...
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