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IAS Exam : Take Advantage of Peer Group to Evaluate your Preparedness
admin Last Update on: 01 Oct 2021

It is important to observe and evaluate other candidates' performance to establish your preparedness for Civil Services Examination. But, it is practically impossible to compare with a large number of candidates appearing in this examination and since most of the candidates are spread geographically all over the country, this becomes really important to make out where you stand and what are the chances of your success. For this purpose, you can make use of your Pe...
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Civil Services Examination: Fortune Favours the Brave
admin Last Update on: 25 Sep 2021

Life is such where stroke of luck influence your prospect and same can be attributed to all life-changing events and decision of appearing in Civil Services Examination is one such battle that will shape your future. Civil Services Examination; a gruelling competition requires a well-planned strategy and being clear about your strengths and weaknesses helps in prioritizing the needs. Success in Civil Services Examination is not a child’s play. You have to display cou...
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Explore if Civil Services Examination is the most suitable option among Career Choices Available
admin Last Update on: 25 Sep 2021

As a beginner, when one thinks about the career choices, almost all career options available fascinates and finalizing Career Goal becomes little confusing. Besides, diverse Career possibilities and current job trends also impact the choice finally educated and aspiring youth make. Before you make opinion about a particular Career preference, you should look for range of careers that match up your skills and interest. While putting together all your plans, a part...
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IAS 2021 Preparation-Plan: Make a Rational Assessment about your Seriousness towards Ultimate GOAL
admin Last Update on: 25 Sep 2021

As you observe, each passing year, the craze for Civil Services Examination is increasing and that makes it more challenging. For beginners, as the first stage Preliminary Examination determines the fate of your sails, this factor alone is enough to make some candidates anxious. With such a stiff competition and stress, at first stage, you just need a perfect preparation and a mindset trained to handle such aptitude tests. To get clarity about the requirements an...
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Career in IAS : Make sure that your preparation is going in the right direction
admin Last Update on: 25 Sep 2021

The challenge to appear in Civil Services Examination is taken by a wide gamut of the aspirants – a mix of both conscious, discerning as well as many of those who are ignorant even about the exam-requirements. Most of the candidates with competence within find it easy to handle it effectively as their clarity about the goals helps them in taking the right steps. For fresher, candidate unaware of intricacies involved, it is little difficult;...
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Sometimes you need little help to clear suspicion about success in Civil Services Exam; says Tina Dabi (AIR 1; CSE 2015)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 05 Oct 2021

While in academics, you just have dreams about ‘future career’ and with lots of lucrative career opportunities available, many options surround your mind. As it happens, the peer-pressure forces you to look at the hot-careers, new-age careers and as a result, majority of students just follow herd mentality and make up mind about it without considering their interest and aptitude. Reason – as a student you have limited knowled...
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Meet a family where all Four - Two Brothers and Two Sisters have made it to ‘Civil Services’
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 05 Oct 2021

In my long career spread over 3 decades tracking Civil Services Examination and interviewing IAS Toppers, sometimes I feel fortunate to be a part of celebrations with a family year after year.
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Making study-group is not difficult; look around for high calibre, talented candidates
admin Last Update on: 26 Jun 2020

Many candidates prepare for Civil Services Examination, of their own; with self-help. In fact majority of the candidates follow this route. No doubt, most of them are capable and inspired; but, for Civil Services Examination moving on your own and without help makes your path a little difficult. It is worth looking at your friends, seniors around; you will feel blessed, recharged and motivated. If you are able to reach out to some candidates seriously preparin...
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Group Study: how effective it is for Civil Services Examination
Admin Last Update on: 26 Jun 2020

Why, it is always majority of candidates from places like Delhi, Hydrabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna and Pune are able to make it to Civil Services. The reason is environment is conducive to Civil Services Examination as a big number of candidates are involved in preparation groundwork and extend a supporting hand to other candidates. As has been witnessed, those who create study groups and cultivate a habit of group study; they are able to show better performance. Many candidat...
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