IAS Preparation Strategies

Success in UP PCS is not my destination, it’s just a beginning; says Dr. Rama Mishra (selected as Commercial Tax Officer)
Admin Last Update on: 01 Oct 2021

Dr. Rama Mishra from Prayagraj, UP completed her Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Sadar Patel Dental College, Lucknow in 2015. She has accomplished a goal she set for herself – A career in Civil Services. Revealing her motivation for career-choice Rama said, “Dreams can be real if you live by them day & night. The very idea of becoming a Civil Servant was planted in me by my father during my high-school; but I pursued a professional degree before that...
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General Studies Preparation: Your observation, analyzing and interpretation skills are at test
admin Last Update on: 26 Jun 2020

Be it Preliminary or Main Examination, General Studies cannot be ignored at any stage. No doubt after the notification is out, your eyes should be glued to Preliminary Examination; but looking beyond immediate objectives, the right step is to look at Mains cum Prelims preparation. General Studies has a vast and vague syllabus and requires your intelligence, awareness based on observation and a constant eye of the current affairs and contemporary developments taking place aroun...
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An analysis of Marks secured by First Rankers in Civil Services Examination 2013-2018
admin Last Update on: 25 Jun 2020

The marks obtained by successful candidates at top most rank at various stages of examination depict the complete picture about their performance in Civil Services Examination. The biggest take away is that after initial blip with CSE 2013, toppers marks gives an indication that now, candidates are having fair idea about the new pattern and now it has more or less become stable particularly in last three years. First, Look at the Cut-off The final cut-...
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Civil Services Examination: What to do when scene on the whole doesn’t seem manageable?
admin Last Update on: 26 Jun 2020

If Civil Services Examination seems difficult in the beginning, it is not a major issue. You are not alone; at the onset almost everyone; be it a fresh candidate or consistent campaigner, is sailing in the same boat.   Launching the preparation is one of the most difficult steps as you are unsure of the path you have to traverse. Once you show courage to appear in Civil Services Examination, you must have focus on the end result; and will have to commit yours...
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Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination Preparation Tips: Understand the level of examination
admin Last Update on: 03 Jul 2022

This is no ordinary examination which you aim to crack. With rising competition and all candidates attempting two compulsory papers with difficulty level - easy to moderate, it has become more of the luck of the draw for aspirants. Moreover, the cut-off depends up on your performance in General Studies Paper I only; so, you have to divert most of your attention towards it. General Studies Paper I is typical in natur...
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IAS Preparation: Work Smarter Not Harder
admin Last Update on: 25 Jun 2020

‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ this expression summarizes the preparation strategy for Civil Services Examination and even many experts and even successful candidates endorse this view and talk about it candidly. It is a gruelling exam-plan that requires lots of effort for preparation. Once you understand the intricacies involved, it would be much easier to identify and prioritize the areas where more effort is needed. With be...
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Facing some hitches in preparation for Civil Services Examination; A bit of Advice
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 21 Aug 2021

While preparing for Civil Services Examination, invariably it happens when competent, determined and even encouraged candidates find themselves in a slump. It is a big examination that involves extensive preparation-plan and has no template that can be followed blindly to achieve success. Be it your first attempt or the next, there is a constant nervousness and anxiety creeps in when you look at others. More so, when you try to emulate some topper’s conduct or even o...
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Civil Service Examination: Unveil The Secret Of Success
admin Last Update on: 30 Jun 2020

The Civil Services Examination conducted every year by Union Public Service Commission is huge and the success-rate here is so less that it leaves many candidates astonished. The bright part is that every year many talented youngsters achieve success by showing grit and resolution and some of them make it to the merit-list in very first attempt. The examination process is such that candidates like Kanishak Kataria (AIR 1; CSE 2018), 
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