IAS Success Stories

Focus on Your Goals, Instead of Your Fears; says Chandrajyoti Singh (AIR 28; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 21 Aug 2021

While majority of candidates often seek to emulate toppers in Civil Services Examination, there are a few who chart their own course. Chandrajyoti Singh was keen for career in Civil Services; but she took one year time to prepare diligently and took her first attempt with CSE 2019. Candidly explaining her move Chandrajyoti said, “To know what all has worked for others is not enough; I watched multiple talks and read the strategies of several toppers, which allowed me...
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Believe in Self and Constant Support from Family and Friends worked for me; says Vishakha Yadav (AIR 6; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 11 Jul 2022

“What the success of a top ranker in Civil Services Examination represents, is what you wish for – Success with top ranks.” And this is the motivation that makes lakhs of aspirants to try their luck with this giant examination. Precisely this is the reason the beginning is always with enthusiasm and as you move forward, you encounter some hurdles that creates some hiccups in the middle. However, your focus, your pa...
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Push Yourself to Perform at Your Best; says Jeydev C S (AIR 5; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 18 Nov 2021

When you plan to take a plunge in to Civil Services Examination, intrinsic challenge you are going to face will check your ability to address it with your intelligence and overcome it with smart work. One can easily make out the complexity surrounding the Civil Services Examination makes it special and it is the prime cause why its craze is intensifying day by day. To counter stiff competition, you need little bit of planning; sketching out a preparation-strategy that guid...
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With hard work and perseverance, you can surely achieve what you want; says Shubham Bansal (AIR 43; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 23 Aug 2021

There are only a few who achieve desired success in Civil Services Examination in first attempt; for many it is a vicious circle. A failure at any stage affects candidates’ confidence and such circumstances are quite common in a candidate’s life. Here the following two options define the mettle of the candidate: - Failure blurs your path and lower self-confidence becomes the cause for repeated failures or
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I feel really fortunate that I could get real solutions to the challenges, I faced; says Kanchan (AIR 35; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 23 Aug 2021

Civil services Examination is such where pessimists can make a mountain out of a molehill; while optimists see a big opportunity and make their own way to reach on top. Career in Civil Services has been a dream from Kanchan, a Law graduate from Sirsa, Haryana. She did her schooling till 8th from Sirsa (Maharaja Agarsain Sr . Sec. School). For 10th she moved to Panchkula (D. C. Model Sr. Sec. School, Panchkula, Haryana) and completed 12th standard from Govt Model Sr. Sec School, Sect...
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Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams; says Majid Iqbal Khan (AIR 638; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 23 Aug 2021

Setting your Goal is easy; but to accomplish your desire, you need to commit yourself and go all in. With lots of awareness about Civil Services Examination, we have access to a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. However, the secret of success lies in staying relevant and focusing on limited resources, working hard and letting nothing distract you until it is done. It sounds realistic with Kashmiri boy Majid Iqbal Khan who realized his dreams with a splendid success in...
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Anyone can Qualify Civil Services Exam with Proper Guidance and Consistency; says Shreya Choudhary (AIR 692; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 23 Aug 2021

Some positive, life-changing things starts to happen when you take charge of shaping your career with clarity of purpose and creatively moving ahead with adding knowledge in sphere of academics. This is a story of a girl who had clearly defined her Goal and all efforts were made in right direction; and ultimately she justified her each step. Even whatsapp status describes her outlook towards life: “Whenever you find yourself...
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I learnt to believe in my dreams and keep pushing myself; says Abhishek Augustya (AIR 38; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 23 Aug 2021

When we talk about Civil Services Examination, the failure-to-success stories are really inspiring and really defines the fight back common candidates make and prove their mettle. As it is said a failure or success with a lower rank never reveals the true story. 3 Cs – Caliber, Courage and Commitment help many candidates to reach their destination; though, sometimes it takes a little longer to reach the Goal. Abhishek Augustya, completed B.Tech in Computer Science fr...
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It was beyond my imagination to see my name cemented to a single-digit rank; says Ravi Jain (AIR 9; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 01 Oct 2021

Quite often we come across many candidates succeeding with top ranks in Civil Services Examination after failing in their earlier attempt/s. And one thing that works for them is despite failures, they remain focused on their Goal. Ravi Jain is one such youngster who had to persevere as he failed thrice and in his fourth attempt, he accomplished his goal in style.
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Civil Services is a good job; but yet just another job. Give your best; but don't get attached; says Lavish Ordia (AIR 18; CSE 2019)
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 01 Oct 2021

A fairly consistent performer, Lavish Ordia with his intelligence and intuition in his initial college days considered govt. jobs as Babugiri jobs; it was nothing unusual; in IIT Mumbai, it is part of their culture. Lavish, brilliant in academics had shown purpose and mastery from the beginning itself (secured 96.2 percent marks in Tenth standard, 95.6 percent marks in Twelfth standard).
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