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Civil Service Examination Preparation Strategy: Short-term Planning
admin Last Update on: 30 Sep 2021

For examination like this saying it with conviction is quite difficult that any short-term strategy or preparation-plan will work or not. You have such a big task in hand and to effectively cover it all in a few months’ time is near impossible. However, some dedicated, talented and passionate candidates make it happen. I will not hesitate to say that their accumulated knowledge, awareness, intelligence and focused hard work can help them in accomplishing th...
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Civil Service Examination Preparation Strategy: Long-term Planning
admin Last Update on: 30 Sep 2021

Those who believe in long-term consideration, as ‘Civil Services Examination’ demands; planned study is the best way to prepare effectively. The first step is to outline the priorities based on:  One, your educational background;  Two, your intelligence and awareness level;  Three,&nb...
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7 Factors why you should Approach Civil Services Examination with Full Conviction
admin Last Update on: 30 Sep 2021

A gruelling competition consisting a multi-stage exam-plan, Civil Services Examination is an obsession for many as it attracts lakhs of young men and women every year who try their luck for making a career in coveted ‘Civil Services’. Be it a beginner or a consistent campaigner, success is a mystery and each one of them search for some template that can help them succeed. The fact is that everyone looks at the Civil Services Examination with own understanding a...
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Dream to Achieve Success in Civil Services Examination
admin Last Update on: 30 Sep 2021

The youngsters dreaming to be in Civil Services are always curious to know what works here that helps candidates succeed in this examination. But, before you start exploring career in Civil Services or any other suitable career for you, the first step is to assess yourself based on your skills, abilities and interests. Many a time, aspirants lack awareness about making the right career choice and when they zero-in on any particular career they are surrounded by some stereo...
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IAS 2020: Let all efforts converge on the Goal; hope for the best
admin Last Update on: 30 Sep 2021

Today, for a youth, it is first priority to seek career opportunities coming their way and they always look for a satisfying career that fulfils their dreams and desires. For the educated and aspiring youth, top-of-mind career is ‘Civil services’ that they plan to take up. For some, a flourishing career in ‘civil services’ is start and for many its career progression. Every year lakhs of youngsters start their foray into Civil Services Exa...
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IAS Preparation Tips: Explore, Understand and Integrate these in your strategies
admin Last Update on: 30 Sep 2021

Yes, candidates are getting smarter with a smart phone in hand their preparation starts with search the sure route to success in Civil Services Examination. Scanning various online resources, reading interview of toppers, viewing successful candidates’ videos to ascertain what works here; what not and based on that, efforts are made to formulate a strategy of their own. In the beginning, what often resonate the most is when toppers discuss preparation strategy and as...
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IAS Study Plan - How much is enough?
admin Last Update on: 07 Jul 2016

Civil Services Examination preparation requires a study-plan that is vast and diverse. Looking at the time at your disposal, your preparation level and your capabilities, you can determine how much is enough for you. Understand the examination requirements: In the beginning of you preparation you should understand the examination requirements as it is established this examination asse...
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Civil Services Examination: Plans & Strategies for beginners
admin Last Update on: 18 Oct 2015

As you commence preparation for Civil Service Examination, you seriously need to devote some time to create an action-plan for preparation. For each individual the requirements are different depending upon their educational background, level of understanding, capabilities and approach towards the examination hence, no single method to this examination preparation can be suggested. A glance at the statistics for number of candidates applying and those who actually turn up for P...
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Civil Services Examination: Integrated Approach need of the hour
admin Last Update on: 25 Jun 2020

As your attention shifts to Civil Services Examination, you look for an impeccable plan that can help in achieving the desired goal – career in Indian Administrative Services. When we talk about devising new strategies to counter the evolving requirements, implementing the tried and tested tool – Integrated Approach is the best tactics for an effective preparation. It would be strategic to look for an integrated approach for General Studies preparation where candid...
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Civil Services Examination: Integrated Approach for Preparing General Studies
Admin Last Update on: 30 Sep 2021

The Civil Services examination has entered in a complete new orbit. First, the changes at Preliminary Examination in 2011 and later in 2013, with new format for Main Examination it has absolute transformation in last 10 years. Everything has been changed and this examination has ‘General Studies’ as the most significant element.     The syllabus, the question papers coverage and even the pattern of question is such that would require co...
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