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As candidates make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, there are lots of queries in minds and almost all aspirants lay siege to various issues like Exam-Plan, Preparation-Plan, books and study-material to choose, picking optional subject, choice of coaching institutes and so many other issues that matters a lot in success.
Instead of keeping it up to you, toss these to experts and throw it open to get it resolved.
You will find that you are not alone; there are many facing similar problems/issues that need to be resolved at the earliest so that these don’t impact your preparation.
Come out and discuss openly about all the questions that surround your mind so that you can get a piece of advice and what other candidates like you feel and what their opinion is about the same.

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Hello Sir, Is world history not included in the syllabus of Prelims examination ?

When you are preparing for Civil Services Examination, you should look at the complete exam-plan and should not prepare stage-wise. It is prudent to adopt an integrated approach for preparation and while preparing common constituents listed in General Studies syllabus for Preliminary as well as Main Examination should be prepared simultaneously.... Read More

Sir, can I clear IAS Exam by cramming the answer?

It seems you have no familiarity with this examination really and are unaware of UPSC requirements. Civil Services Examination is in a class of its own. The exam-plan is such that at each level of examination, you are tested with different set of evaluation method that cramming will not at all help. This examination requires knowledge and awareness covering wide range of diverse disciplines and conceptual clarity is must. We suggest have a look at the previous years’ question papers to understand the creative and innovative approach UPSC adopts and accordingly change your style of preparation.... Read More

Sir, as we know that there are four General Studies papers in CSE Mains 2013 consisting 250 numbers in each paper. I want to know that how much minimum marks is required to qualify in each paper?

When you are preparing for exam like Civil Services, you should not have any apprehension mind about issues like this. There is no such evidence of minimum qualifying marks in each of General Studies papers. Your aim should be to understand the related requirements and preparation should be such that you are able to amass reasonably good marks in each paper and aggregate performance helps you in accomplishing the task in style. Now, after CS Main Exam 2013, we have seen the style and trend, take some clue from it and indulge in serious preparation that involves lot of answer-writing practice. All the best!... Read More


It is really crucial and if you planning to appear in CSE 2014, you are having a big task in hand. Still, you should not give up. If you dedicate yourself fully for Civil Services Examination preparation, you can put up a decent performance. As such, the exam-plan is such that you can’t look at this examination stage-wise. You need to adopt an ‘Integrated Approach’ for prep...... Read More

sir,i am from btech computer sc. guide me and how to start for 2014 cse.

For commencing preparation for CSE 2014, you are little late. Actually the exam-plan and it coverage in huge and diverse which requires at least one year dedicated preparation for an effective show. However, if you are committed, ready to put in some extra efforts, you can still attempt to cover entire syllabus with well-laid strategy. Start with understanding the complete exam-plan and related requirements at each stage of the examination. Commence with General Studies (Main ...... Read More

sir , can u suggest me which one is better coaching for GS among KSG jaipur and RAU ias jaipur ?

It is difficult to say which among these is best. It is a matter of trust. Raus IAS & KSG are well known names and are famous for imparting guidance for Civil Service Examination. For coaching institutes identified for Civil Services Examination preparation; their endeavor is to provide courses as per syllabus keeping in mind quality and relevance.  You should explore with the candidates studying over there in these institute...... Read More

sir, in pratiyoga darpan which matters are help me to crack ias exam?

In Pratiyogita Darpan, you can get current affairs in concise form with a lot of relevant articles and previous years’ solved papers from time-to-time both for Preliminary as well as Main Examination. Let us make it clear that none of the magazine alone can help you crack the Civil Services Examination. It has a huge syllabus that incorporates subjects/topics from diverse disciplines so, you can certainly get a vague idea about some issues in magazines but, for content, y...... Read More

dear sir,I am 1st B.Tech student. how can i prepare for the 2017 cse exam? need your guidance sir.

It is nice to set long-term goals in life and being aware of your career related ambitions. But, it is too early to be serious about the preparation. It should be commences seriously about 1-2 years before you decide to take plunge. As being involved in preparation for Civil Services Examination is a long process and by starting too early your enthusiasm may fizzle out in such a long period. Till the, it is better to keep your eyes and mind open to the things around and newspaper reading is must to enhance your knowledge about contemporary development and in improving awareness level. This would be of great help when actually you commence serious preparation for Civil Services Examination.... Read More

Hello,i want to give exam in 2015 ,so first of all what i should do from now? which book is starting refer from now and how many prem.? i currently studying B.E.Comp.Engg. Thank you.

For Preliminary Examination, you need to face two compulsory papers Paper I (General Studies) & Paper II (Aptitude Test). As you wish to appear in CSE 2015, you should look at General Studies related requirements. You should adopt integrated approach and should commence preparation with Main Examination orientation. This will help in effectively tackling Preliminary Examination Paper I. For Preliminary Examination Paper II (Aptitude Test), a lot of practice would help yo...... Read More

I like to go for 2015 exam so plz guide me about General studies subject in detail like how to prepare , some action plan, book list and all. My knowledge is weak in this subject so plz guide me how to improve and how create interest in this subject...??

For any beginner, one of the big problems they confront relates to preparing General Studies. Now, with number of papers increasing and weigthage going up, it has come on centre stage. The most satisfying thing is that now, the new scheme for Civil Services (Main) Examination has a well defined syllabus. As you plan to appear in CSE 2015, you have enough time to prepare General Studies in a planned manner. To build a base, you should start with NCERT Books and make a habit of reading newspaper daily. To create curiosity, first read the subjects that are of your interest. Make a beginning, as you move on, you develop awareness and realize that you value what you are reading.... Read More

tell me books related to general studies in prelium exam?

The following set of books may be considered for Preliminary Examination Suggested Book-List Preliminary Examination Paper I Paper II... Read More

Respected sir, i want to join a coaching institute for general studies.Please tell me perfect coaching for this purpose.

You have many good coaching institutes in Delhi offering coaching for General Studies Coaching Institutes Vaji Ram & Ravi Alternative Learning Systems (ALS) Sriram’s IAS Khan Study Group (KSG) Dhyeya IAS Also read: Selecting best coaching institute for General Studies... Read More

How can we 100% prepare for GS for the paper-2 in prelims ? kindly suggest us

For an effective preparation, first you need to understand the syllabus and related requirements. Recently added Paper II paper requires you to learn some mathematical/reasoning/linguistic skills. For an outstanding performance, practice a lot and try to score high marks to secure your place in the list of successful candidates. Also Read: ... Read More

Sir, i am working in bangalore MNC company. I am planning to write CSE exam in 2014. So i have an idea of preparing part time from now onwards. I planned to get postal materials of GS from vajiram and ravi academy. And also i am having a habit of reading newspapers , frontline and CSR. Can you please suggest me more to prepare in part time? Any suggestions?

Your strategy seems to be correct and if you add NCERT books also in your plan, it will add value and conceptual clarity will help you in understanding study-material and even newspapers better.   For a working candidate, it is difficult to manage study-plan but make sure you are in touch with your studies regularly.   Cultivate habit of making self-notes from newspapers/magazines and keep updating them regularly this will help you in better understanding, remembering it for long and will prove to be handy for revision also when you need the information near examination. ... Read More

I am at zero level what should i read for preliminary exam except current affairs gk books..?

Current Affairs and General Knowledge books will help you in updating knowledge but will not suffice the purpose. For width and depth of information that General Studies requires, it is better to have conceptual clarity and analytical ability. For this purpose, NCERT Books will help you in laying a strong foundation and standard text-books along with newspaper/magazines reading will help you in an effective preparation. Looking at the syllabus and previous years&...... Read More


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