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As candidates make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, there are lots of queries in minds and almost all aspirants lay siege to various issues like Exam-Plan, Preparation-Plan, books and study-material to choose, picking optional subject, choice of coaching institutes and so many other issues that matters a lot in success.
Instead of keeping it up to you, toss these to experts and throw it open to get it resolved.
You will find that you are not alone; there are many facing similar problems/issues that need to be resolved at the earliest so that these don’t impact your preparation.
Come out and discuss openly about all the questions that surround your mind so that you can get a piece of advice and what other candidates like you feel and what their opinion is about the same.

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My graduation aggregate is 60% in BE. Is my poor academic performance affect in upsc exam?

This is in no way affects your chances in civil Services Examination. Look at the exam-related requirements seriously and keep preparing.... Read More

Hi,my name is shashank.i have done MBA.i want to prepare for the civil service exam 2014.but i am confused about optional it one or two optional subject that i can choose?management or public administration?which is better?kindly guide me and also give me some suggestion about CSAT preparation.

As per the new format, you have to pick only one optional subject. Among the two subjects – Management and Public Administration, we suggest you to go with the trend. In recent years, after the change in Preliminary Examination scheme, a lot of management background candidates have shown interest in Management as optional subject and the performance has been very good. In Civil Services Examination 2011, 242 candidates with Management as optional s...... Read More

Dear Sir, Iam final year B.E(electrical) student from chennai. what are the optional subjects i can go for ,other than electrical for cse .Being engineering background suggest me with optionals which is easier as well as not time consuming

With new format for Main Examination in place, you are to choose only one optional subject. We are in completely new environment where you decision matter a lot. As such preparing Electrical Engineering as optional subject has been tough; but, many candidates having grip over subject and with one-two years’ preparation have performed well with Electrical Engineering as optional....... Read More

iam from computer background which subject can i choose in mains

Candidates with IT/Computer Science background have always found it difficult to choose optional subjects as there is nothing available that match the academics. In new environment, where you need to pick only one optional subject, choice has become less complicated. Still, you need to pick optional subject that delivers and contributes substantially in your total aggregate. The search for a new subject should end with those subjects in whom you have interest and...... Read More

If im correct , optional subjects craze goes down & GS plays the major role.So is it a wise decision to give more importance to GS......?? I like to go for 2014 exam....

Yes, you got it right. Now, General Studies is going to be the game changer. With more weightage (1000 Marks), it deserves more attention. But, success in Civil Service Examination has no set parameters. You cannot undermine the importance of Optional subject; Civil Services Examination has stiff competition and you need to have an edge over others as even a single mark makes lot of difference. As you wish to appear in CSE 2014, make full use of time available and prepare diligently taking care of multi-staged this examination has.... Read More

sir i have done bsc with sericulture. along with subject zoology botany math. i want to know which subject i mention in my form in filling the form of ias upsc. i.e bsc in what?? plz answer soon..

The notification for Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2013 clearly mentions that, “If a candidate is a graduate from any other stream other than the subjects mentioned (Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology or a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture, Forestry or in Engineering), the candidate is required to select "OTHERS" or "Literature" (as the case may ...... Read More

Sir, what are the Dimensions (in pixels) of the Scanned Photo & Signature required during filling of the form??

As per the notification, following is the required size of the scanned Photograph/signature: For photograph, the pixel size is 140 pixels height x 110 pixels width For signature it should be 110 pixels height x 140 pixels width (Each of the scanned images of the photograph/signature should not exceed 40 KB in size and must not be less than 3 KB in size for the photograph and 1 KB in size for the signature.) While uploading the photograph/signature care is needed to ensure that these are placed at proper fields.   Refer to Instruction to Candidates... Read More

Sir, Do we need to mention the name of the optional Subject at the time of filling the form at the preliminary stage??

In the notification for Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2013 it is clearly mentioned that “In case of Civil Services examination, if a candidate is a graduate in Literature of any of the Languages indicated in the dropdown menu, he would be required to select the Literature subject from the relevant dropdown menu. In such a case he would be eligible to opt for either the Literature in that subject as his optional subject or any of the other option...... Read More

Sir, I am Electrical Engineer & want to give CSE 2013. I will choose Geography as an optional subject. Can I take Marathi medium for writing papers?

Among the many changes that have come with new format for Main Examination 2013, one is relating to the query you have raised. As per the new scheme, you can opt for Geography as optional subject for Main Examination; but, medium of writing examination has a condition; the notification says: “In the interest of maintaining the quality and standards of examination, a minimum number of 25 (twenty-five) candidates should opt for a specific language medium for an...... Read More

sir mah ek small city se belong karta hu. kissi karan varsh mah badi city main nahi ja skta. mujhe sabse badi problem study matieral & guidance ki hai. ias banna mera sru se hi sapna hai. aur ek aur bat mera yha circle bhi nahi hai jo main is test ki discussion kr sku. so sir guide me

छोटे शहरों और ग्रामीण पृष्ठभूमि के उमीदवारों के साथ अकसर यह परेशानी सामने आती है जहाँ वह सिविल सेवा परीक्षा सम्बन्धी वातावरण न मिल पाने के कारण परीक्षा से जुडी जानकारियों के आभाव महसूस करत...... Read More

i am doing bsc first sem. my target is cse 2015 .which optional subject is good for me in geography and public hindi medium

It is too early to talk about this as you wish to appear in 2015. As per new-format for Main Examination introduced this year, a candidate needs to select only one optional subject. Let us see how things pan out in the new environment but, looking at past trends, in Hindi medium Geography is a better option.... Read More

sir, how can we get the gazette of india published for CSE (P) 2013 please help

The notification is available on official web-site of commission and soon, it would be published in Employment news. You can also get some idea about it at following link Civil Services Examination 2013... Read More

Respected sir i am vijendra kumar i am engg graduate i want to appear in CSP in this year currently i am preparing for IES problem is that due to lack of english i am not able to tackle other subject like History and Geography frequently which can be my other optional along electrical engg. i should say i am average in English but not expert or gud so i am not decide exactly which medium should i choose either hindi or english. other problem is that in hindi medium i think not proper study material rather than english or even its facts so if u have exact ans so reply becoz i can go through that so be specific plz.

If you are planning to appear in CSE 2013, you should be first focused on Preliminary Examination 2013 which is scheduled for May 26. We hope that you have gone through the new scheme for Main Examination introduced this year and have understood the changes. Now, with 4 papers, General Studies has more significance in comparison to earlier pattern. In new environment, you need to pick only one optional subject for Main Examination. The pattern is new, don’t...... Read More

Sir I am a government employee , pls tell me how i can apply for CSE prelim 2013 and from where i can get application form for directly submitting it in UPSC .

You can login Commission’s website or and refer to the notice of the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2013. You can apply through online mode in the Commission’s website No other mode is allowed for submission of application. The commencement of filling online application shall start from 5th March, 2013 and conclude on 4th April, 2013 (till 11.59 PM).... Read More

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