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As candidates make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, there are lots of queries in minds and almost all aspirants lay siege to various issues like Exam-Plan, Preparation-Plan, books and study-material to choose, picking optional subject, choice of coaching institutes and so many other issues that matters a lot in success.
Instead of keeping it up to you, toss these to experts and throw it open to get it resolved.
You will find that you are not alone; there are many facing similar problems/issues that need to be resolved at the earliest so that these don’t impact your preparation.
Come out and discuss openly about all the questions that surround your mind so that you can get a piece of advice and what other candidates like you feel and what their opinion is about the same.

If your question is not in the list ! Ask Now!

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Which single book is the most appropriate for studying Indian economy for UPSC?

It is difficult to suggest single book for covering Indian Economy for Civil Services Examination as it covers a wide area in the syllabus. You can look at Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (TMH) that has been appreciated a lot in recent time.... Read More

Which book is the most appropriate for studying about India after independence for UPSC(GS).

Following books are good read for General Studies topic India after Independence topic preparation: India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha India After Independence by Bipan Chandra ... Read More

hi..i am working in a MNC company in bangalore and i would like to take civil service that possible without quitting the job?and i would like to know about the best institutes in bangalore

Yes, why not. In recent trends reveals the fact that there are numerous candidates like you take up this challenge and make their presence felt. No doubt, it is difficult to manage while in job but, with self-discipline you can definitely find ways to justify your decision. Coaching does help in uplifting your preparation but, we suggest that you start with self-study to build a strong base. This will help you in better understanding and conceptual clarity that is what you nee...... Read More

how is synergy ias for gs specially in changed pattern.

Synergy IAS is a new kid on the block as far as General Studies coaching is concerned. It has gained popularity for Public Administration in recent years that attracted good number of candidates. Some small shots were on in shape of test series on General Studies but, with recent impact on optional subjects coaching’s fortune, Synergy also has become serious on General Studies. In fact they are not alone many institutes offering guidance for optional subjects have turned...... Read More

sir, can u please name some coaching centers in delhi which give good quality coaching only for general studies????????

It is difficult to pin-point the best but some of the most popular names imparting guidance for General Studies are: Vaji Ram & Ravi Sriram’s IAS Alternative Learning Systems (ALS) Dhyeya IAS Also read: How to select the best coaching institute for General Studies?... Read More

sir, how will be classic IAS academy for general studies preparation?????

It is difficult to say with conviction about a particular coaching institute as there are numerous factors that play role in establishing reputation and attracting candidates in large number. Moreover, the recent changes in General Studies domain have transformed the coaching scenario where in past few years many leading coaching institutes have failed to deliver. Classic IAS Academy is a relatively new coaching institute and has been consolidating its position. You can join t...... Read More

I m from science background.i m confusing in between two subject public admns and geography.plz tell me which one is more appropriate for hindi medium student for ias and mppsc

For Hindi medium candidates, Geography is surely a better bet and being a semi-scientific subject it would be easy to handle it. A lot of Hindi medium candidates with Geography have achieved success and it has been one of the favourite subjects among Hindi medium candidates. Public Administration is a highly dynamic subject and the recent Civil Services examination result has really dampened the sentiments. Moreover, the performance of Hindi medium candidates with Public Administration as one optional subject has not been that great.... Read More

Is it necessary to join coaching classes for IAS preparation if how should i start my preparation which book should i follow at same time i am working in bank as a clerk.

Civil services Examination preparation is touch – no doubt about this as it encompasses various themes from diverse fields and it is really a big challenge for any candidate to prepare it effectively. In the beginning, it is a major problem and sometimes candidates try to find solution to it by joining coaching institutes. The guidance and support provided by coaching institutes can be of immense help but, it is not a must; majority of candidates do it with self-study and...... Read More

Dear sir, i am an engineering 3rd year ECE student .I want to become an IAS so please suggest me that what kind of preparation i start so it help me to crack the exam. i will heartily congrats you.

Being aware about the complete exam-plan and related requirements at each stage of the examination is the most significant step beginners need to take. But, before you commit yourself, self-assessment is must to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, you will be able to prioritize your needs while planning preparation-strategies. You have to understand the new format and looking at CSE 2014 schedule, you can easily make out that from the day 1, yo...... Read More

myself sagar i got coaching from vajiram for gs and synergy pub ad..but i think i am comfortable more in hindi i want to change medium but i am confused between history and philosophy ...which subject would be more helpful in current scenario...also i want to prepare subject through self study...i am biased towards history..?suggestion are welcome..

It is not clear that confusion is about the medium of writing examination or changing the optional subject. After spending thousands of Rupees in coaching all you gained is that you realized that you are more comfortable with Hindi medium. We suggest that instead of picking a new subject, you should build up the knowledge you have gained with the optional subject Public Administration. Whatever you have read would be handy even if you opt for Hindi medium and as such you can take help from Abhay Kumar who teaches Public Administration in Hindi medium at Synergy. Still, if you wish to take a new optional, History would be a better bet in Hindi medium as a lot of books, study-material and even quality guidance is available in Hindi medium.... Read More


After having job security, with career development in mind you are showing a positive attitude in life. The enthusiasm reflects clearly as despite being in job, you are ready to take up the challenge. The knowledge gained in past would help you in moving forward and can contribute a lot in your preparation. In the beginning, almost all candidates have a vague idea but, as you progress, you get lots of insights that give confidence to move forward. ...... Read More

sir I completed my in 2012 & now working in a company. my medium upto 10th was hindi & after that I continued in English. please suggest me optional out of Geography, sociology & pub ad. and medium.

Among the shortlisted subjects, Geography could be preferred as optional subject as: Geography is the most familiar subject as each one of us read it till 10th standard. Being a semi-scientific subject, it would not be difficult to manage In the new format for Main Examination, it has a big syllabus overlap with General Studies It has been one of the most favourite choices as optional subject for engineering background candidates.... Read More

Can you tell me how to plan the preparation? I am working, that is why I am unable to plan my preparation properly. Need guidance urgently.

Civil Services Examination is in league of its own. It has become more challenging as it has witnessed a lot of changes in recent times. For working people, it becomes difficult to spare time for preparation as the exam-plan is demanding and exhaustive. But, if you are committed, you can put whatever time you get into effective preparation and can prepare yourself to face the examination confidently. Before you begin, you have to understand the examination plan and requirement...... Read More

sir I am working in ALLAHABAD bank as a p.o. . I want to prepare from Hindi medium . I cannot join the regular coaching classes so I want to prepare from distance learning mode . Sir. I am confused in optional subject in either Hindi literature or History which will be comfortable to me and in both of the subject which is the scoring . From self study which can be easily prepared ? which of these both subject have the small syllabus and chances of getting success is strong? I have completed my Graduation from science background but I want to opt from Arts or Humanities.

It is common to find science background candidates picking humanities subjects as optional subjects and even delivering excellent results. So, if you thinking on these lines, there is no harm. Your decision for the optional subjects you have zeroed in also well-researched as both History and Literature of Hindi Language are very good and result producing optional subjects particularly for Hindi medium candidates. Now, as you need to pick ‘one’ among t...... Read More

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