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As candidates make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, there are lots of queries in minds and almost all aspirants lay siege to various issues like Exam-Plan, Preparation-Plan, books and study-material to choose, picking optional subject, choice of coaching institutes and so many other issues that matters a lot in success.
Instead of keeping it up to you, toss these to experts and throw it open to get it resolved.
You will find that you are not alone; there are many facing similar problems/issues that need to be resolved at the earliest so that these don’t impact your preparation.
Come out and discuss openly about all the questions that surround your mind so that you can get a piece of advice and what other candidates like you feel and what their opinion is about the same.

If your question is not in the list ! Ask Now!

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How much percentage is required in graduation for CSE exam ?

There is no such condition; any candidate having a graduate degree from recognized institution is eligible to appear in Civil Services Examination. It has been observed that even the candidates with average performance in academics have produced wonderful results; so, you should not think too much about such issues and aim to take up preparation without delay.... Read More

Hello Sir, I am working in IT for 8 yrs since I have aspiration towards IAS and this yr is my last yr to attempt for 2014 prelims, and I have time for 7-8 months please let me know if I can still plan for preparation and crack prelims with the help good training institute, thank you

Yes, why not; you have ample time for Civil Services Examination 2014 preparation and this year's schedule gives you little more time to prepare for it. As you have asked about Preliminary Examination, you can do it within the time available with self-help or even with guidance from Coaching Institutes. You can consider any reputed coaching institute for Prelims; some of the popular names are: Alternative Learning Systems (ALS)... Read More

sir, which topics come under physical geography of India and world.

Physical Geography covers General Geography i.e. basic principles operating on the earth, Astronomy, Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography etc. It is one of the important segment and a lot of question are being asked in the examination from this area. For Civil Services Examination preparation, the following book is a useful read: Basic Physical Geography (K Siddhartha, Dr. S Mahapatra, S Mukherjee)... Read More

Sir..I'm Rinoy Innocent from kerala,a student.I am planning to attempt for CSE in 2015.I found the syllabus of geography to be interesting.Later i went through some basic materials and now i find them hard to recall and i'm feeling discouraged and exhausted with geography.Can you please suggest me any method to go ahead?If I change the optional which will suit me??I can remember a lot if i connect and corelate[my study method].

Geography is a very good optional subject and a lot of candidates from engineering background prefer it just because of semi-scientific nature of the subject. Moreover, when you have interest in Geography, there should not be any reason to look at any other alternative. With little efforts, you can prepare it effectively and its importance will be felt when you will come across Geography constituent while preparing General Studies for Preliminary as well as Main Examination. I...... Read More

Hi sir I m working in MNC. if i start preparation now for IAS can i clear the exam? need some tips and guidance.

In recent times, a lot of working professionals have shown inclination towards Civil Services Examination and with many successes, they have made their presence felt. All you need is calibre, courage and commitment; it all depends upon how strong the desire is for the goal you are aiming at. For working candidates, it is little difficult to manage time for preparation but, you can make a strategy, you can make efforts to do it in an effective manner. The following article would help in getting some insights about preparation: CSE 2014: approach it with full conviction ... Read More

sir,I am Btech computer sc. graduate.i want a lot of guidance in selection of subjects or role of coaching as totally different background.please guide. kind regards kavita

Optional subject selection is one of the important decisions you are going to make in your preparation. The following article will help you in getting some insights about how to pick optional subject. Optional Subject Selection: pick ‘One’ optional subject that suits you the best? Your other query relating to role of ...... Read More

which book is good for geography(pre and mains general studies)-- goh cheng leong OR majid hussain geography?

Both Goh Cheng Leong and Majid Hussain are well-known authors and theirs books are helpful for Geography preparation. Goh Cheng Leong is considered to be a good choice among aspirants preparing for Geography constituent of General Studies in Preliminary as well as in Main Examination. This book covers various geographical concepts that are essential for a good understanding of the subject.... Read More

Hi, First of all ton of thanks for the support you are providing! :) I am working in an MNC and i have been preparing for IAS. I am facing problem in preparing mains subject. I have no clue which book do i prefer for newly added papers. I have no time to join any institute. Please help me out. PS kindly tell me from where do i cover environmental science. Thanks in advance.

For working people, it is little difficult to manage time for preparation and taking time out for joining coaching institute is tough. However, you can rely on some standard text-books for preparation and can cover the complete syllabus within the time you have before CSE 2014. Suggested Book-List Preliminary Examination Paper I... Read More

Sir which is the best coaching of law optional in the country preferably in delhi where I can get the right guidance as to study what, how much and from where. I would like your answer to be based on the following 1. Highest average marks in law by its students 2. Quality of notes 3. Test series on law 4. Any other point which you may consider important

For Law (Optional Subject – Main Examination) you can consider the following institutes in Delhi: Ambition Law Institute (Alok K Ranjan) Nirvana IAS Academy (Karamjeet S Gill) These institutes almost fulfill your requirements and many candidates have been benefitted with the guidance these institutes provide.... Read More

Hello Sir. My name is Aditya. I have 7 years of gap in my studies. I completed my HSC in the year 2005 and started pursuing my graduation in the year 2012. I have enrolled myself in BBA which is a 3 year degree course. I want to make my career in civil services, however looking at my profile do I qualify to appear in civil services? Thanks

Don’t be afraid of such issues, it is not a major hindrance in Civil Services Examination preparation. It doesn’t matter for Preliminary as well as Main Examination. If you are eligible, you should commence preparation seriously. And in case, you are asked about the gap, you can justify your problems for the delay. As such, Interview board members evaluate your personality and your success in Preliminary and Main Examination would convince them about your capabilities.... Read More

how to get get complete syllabus of upsc pre?

As the notification for next year exam appears, you can check it at official website of UPSC for syllabus and related details. For your reference, we are giving the details relating to CSE 2013 Scheme for Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2013 CIVIL SERVICES (PRELIMINARY) EXAM, 2014 to be held on August 24, 2014  ... Read More

what is csat?

Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) was the name used when Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) came out with details about proposed changes at Preliminary Examination level that came in effect from CSE 2011. However, when the notification for Civil Services Examination 2011 came the new papers were christened as Paper 1 (popularly known as General Studies) and Paper 2 (popularly known as aptitude Test) Also read:... Read More

I have done B.Tech+M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering and I had Communication Skills as my subject . Can I choose English Literature as my optional subject ?

As your academic background does not match with list of optional subjects available, you can consider Literature of English Language as optional subject. Your communication skills would prove to be handy in handling literate subject with ease. Also read: Optional Subject Selection: pick ‘One’ optional subject that suits you the best?... Read More

Hello Sir, Please suggest some books for CSAT and Mains. Currently I have B.K. Sharma for Polity and NCERT 11th and 12th for Political Science. And I am reading The Hindu and Pratiyogita Darpan regularly. Which books will be helpful ?

The books you have been reading are good and you can add some more books in your resource from the list of books given below. Suggested Book-List Preliminary Examination Paper I Paper II Main Examination General Studies... Read More

Hallo sir, I am qualified ICWA (Cost Accountant) of 29 of age i want to prepare for CCE. i am in working and have only 1 attempt. is it possible for me to clear exam with self study with job? Please give the direction. -Manoj Dhasmana

I must apprise you that it is tough but, not impossible. It is all about how strong is the desire and what kind of efforts you plan to put in to achieve success in Civil Services Examination. It requires planning and right strategy as you have only one chance and it could be challenging as being in job, you have paucity of time. No doubt, it is difficult to manage while in job but, with self-discipline you can definitely find ways to justify your decision. You are lucky that t...... Read More

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