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As candidates make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, there are lots of queries in minds and almost all aspirants lay siege to various issues like Exam-Plan, Preparation-Plan, books and study-material to choose, picking optional subject, choice of coaching institutes and so many other issues that matters a lot in success.
Instead of keeping it up to you, toss these to experts and throw it open to get it resolved.
You will find that you are not alone; there are many facing similar problems/issues that need to be resolved at the earliest so that these don’t impact your preparation.
Come out and discuss openly about all the questions that surround your mind so that you can get a piece of advice and what other candidates like you feel and what their opinion is about the same.

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I want to know about the new coaching institute NIGS in which Manikant Singh , Abhay Kumar and other reputed teachers came together. Is it good for English medium ?

NIGS has just been formed and it would be too early to say anything about it. Agreed, all teacher involved are of repute but, all of them has individually tried their hands with General Studies coaching in past; but, not much to write about their performance with General Studies coaching. The balance is also missing as there is no star teacher for Geography which is an important constituent and presence of three teachers from Public Administration and Politica...... Read More

How is Chronicle IAS academy for GS prelims program in Delhi? There are not many institute which have this program at this moment of time...

There are lots of coaching institute offerings coaching specifically for Preliminary Examination. Chronicle IAS is relatively a new entrant and is consolidating its position gradually. While preparing for Civil Services Examination, you need to understand the complete exam-plan and preparation-plan should be sure that cover the syllabus effectively. The following article would help you in getting some insights about the effectiveness of Prelims only coaching: Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?... Read More

please suggest best coaching Pre-cum-Mains History, Geography and Polity in Mukherjee Nagar (Delhi)

If you are looking for most popular teachers for each segment, you can consider Manikant Singh (The Study) for History, Alok Ranjan (Digmani Education) for Geography and Rajesh Mishra (Saraswati) for Polity. All these are in Mukherjee Nagar; but, not all offers module-wise coaching and all these are most important constituents of General Studies syllabus. So, it would be nice if you join General Studies coaching in institute like Alternative Learning Systems (ALS), Dhyeya IAS or may be Discovery IAS.... Read More

Sir, i am from engg background. I want to take up history and geography as optionals. Pls suggest good institutes for these subjects?

First of all we would like to remind you that new format for Main Examination has only ‘One’ optional subject; so, you have to pick only one subject. As has been observed, among Engineering background candidates, Geography has been quite favourite as optional subject. Being a semi-scientific subject and multi-dimensional in nature, it requires analytical bent of mind. It has a flavour of traditional as well as dynamic coverage in the syllabus. It is interesting and...... Read More

which institute is best for ias preparation with public adm. subject in delhi

For Public Administration there are many reputed coaching institutes in Delhi offering guidance for Civil Services Examination preparation. You can pick any among Synergy (M K Mohanty), Pavan Kumar or may be NIAS (Bhawani Singh).... Read More

I have completed B.Tech and want to start preparation CSE.But dont know how to start..

For a beginner, it is difficult to get the awareness and right advice for commencing preparation and if you are feeling stuck, you are not alone. The best way to start the preparation is to be aware of the complete exam-plan and related requirements at each stage of the examination. The following articles will help you in getting a lot of insights about preparation strategy: Preparation strategy Secret of success... Read More

engineering topper

Your question doesn’t convey what you wish to ask. If you are asking about CSE topper with engineering optional subject, then Prince Dhawan (AIR-3, CSE 2011) is the one from engineering background. Also read: Engineering background candidates... Read More

sir, can Hindi medium aspirant top in IAS exam

Success in Civil Service Examination is not that easy as one think; leave aside the dream of topping the examination. Look at the CSE achievers; almost all of them admit that before knowing their result, with good performance they were sure of getting selected; but, getting top rank had been a pleasant surprise. Looking at the breadth of the examination process and subjectivity involved, it is difficult to predict that one can top the examination or not; but, you can certa...... Read More

can i know the names of the toppers who opted for foreign services and their selected optionals? and can give guidance regarding the preparation?

Civil Service Examination is a combined examination for many posts and services and Indian Foreign Service is among one of these. Few years back, Indian Foreign Service used to be top of mind and considered to be top notch service as Indian Economy was not liberalized and going abroad used to be a dream. Now, with changing times, Indian Administrative Service has become the first preference for majority of candid...... Read More


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