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As candidates make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, there are lots of queries in minds and almost all aspirants lay siege to various issues like Exam-Plan, Preparation-Plan, books and study-material to choose, picking optional subject, choice of coaching institutes and so many other issues that matters a lot in success.
Instead of keeping it up to you, toss these to experts and throw it open to get it resolved.
You will find that you are not alone; there are many facing similar problems/issues that need to be resolved at the earliest so that these don’t impact your preparation.
Come out and discuss openly about all the questions that surround your mind so that you can get a piece of advice and what other candidates like you feel and what their opinion is about the same.

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Whether Mechanical Engineering is suitable for optional subject?

Each and every optional subject is suitable for candidate provided you have adequate knowledge and aptitude for it so that you can perform in Main Examination. Mechanical Engineering is a specialized study and if you have studied and have control over the subject, you can consider keeping it as optional subject. Although, Mechanical Engineering is not a very popular optional subject; still, in pa...... Read More

I am a inter (MPC) completed student willing to prepare for Civil Services form the first year of my post-graduation. Please guide me as i am confused in selecting optional subjects.

Optional Subject selection is easier now as you have to opt for only ‘One’ optional subject now. Still, you need to be careful in selection as 500 marks attached to it plays a significant role in your final selection. The following article will help you in getting some insights about making the right choice: Optional Subject selection... Read More

Hello Sir. First of all my regards to you for creating such a useful website n helping candidates. Now, coming to point....sir, I have done my B.Tech from computer science engineering. I haven’t started my preparation for civil services yet but I want to. I am completely a newbie and all this CSE preparations are really a fuss to me right now. But the biggest dilemma for me is choosing the optional. I know that people say that go for a subject for which you have a liking. But sir, my problem is that I don’t know about the subjects available at all. Of course, I have studied subjects like History and Geography at my school level. But that I am not sure that these subjects I can carry on with the depth and level which this exam requires. And with rest all other subjects I am just completely unfamiliar. So, kindly throw some light sireas to which subject should I take. I have the following set in my mind to choose from Geography/History/Psychology/Sociology/Public Administration. However, I am starting to think to consider Geography as optional just because I want to choose a subject which can also help me in my General Studies section. Rest every other subject is like same for me in learning. I guess the syllabus and all will be vast for every subject. So, what you think sir if I choose Geography, considering the fact that I am a very average student. I know this exam is like chasing rainbows for a guy like me....but I think the only thing which can keep me motivated is the charm for civil services which is increasing day by day. Also I wanna ask sir that choosing a subject other than your graduation that create negative impact on the examiners or at the time of interview.... I mean don’t they ask that you are from this field than why you opted that subject? (as I am a computer science engineering graduate and thinking about conventional subjects). Thank you sir for reading such a tedious post. Waiting for reply and thanking you in advance.

You are not alone, almost everyone in beginning is surrounded by such queries and optional subject selection has been one of the major decisions one has to take during Civil Services Examination preparation. First of all we would like to clarify that UPSC gives you liberty to pick any optional subject of your choice and for candidates like you selection of any subject is obvious as there is no subject available that match with Computer Science. When you write Prelims or Main E...... Read More

Respected Sir, A Very Warm Greeting from my side. I am pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee, which is on the verge of completion and I am planning to prepare full-fledged for CSE from May onwards. Earlier, I had thought of taking Geography as Optional and even I studied it also in SAMKALP. But anyhow I think I am not much comfortable in it. As I am about to finish my MBA, I am contemplating on MANAGEMENT as optional subject. So, I require your guidance on MANAGEMENT as subject. i.e. 1) How Management has been doing as subject in past few year. 2) Recently, the way of asking question has changed drastically, so keeping this in view, will management be good compared to geography? 3) The problem with Management is no guidance is available but in geography very effective guidance is available (coaching) 4) With management even I think I will be able to do justice in Interview i.e. I can say I have taken subject which I have studied. 5) Can you tell me how been marking in Geography and Management in recent year so that I can compare. 6) In all popular option paper two has been coming completely differently so I am thinking why not put that effort in Management 7) How has been success ratio in Geography and Management? 8) If I talk of myself I am equally comfortable or uncomfortable in both subjects (Though pros and cons are there) Last but not least, it would be very kind of you if you can connect me to someone who has joined services with Management as optional. Any Suggestion from your side is most welcome. Thanking in anticipation and waiting for reply... Note: Management and geography I have cursorily studied. ( Even a bit of Public administration I have studied.)

A typical youngster chasing the Civil service dream, muddled up with optional subject selection dilemma – to go with own subject or to pick one of the most popular optional subject. By reading your mind with so many queries, we think that you are more or less convinced with Management as optional subject and are looking for someone to back-up your choice. With new format for Main Exami...... Read More

Preferred books for Anthropology

Suggested Book-List Optional Subject (Main Examination) Anthropology  ... Read More

I am a Mechanical Engineering currently working in Chennai. I want to take Political Science & International Relations. Will it work better than Public Administration?

In our opinion, if you like Political Science & International Relations, you should go ahead and pick it as your optional subject. Political Science & International Relations is one of the most popular subjects but, in Civil Services Examination Public Administration has attracted maximum number of candidates in recent years. However, the following article would get you some insights about selecting one among these two: Political Science & International Relations vs Public Administration... Read More

Sir, I am a B.Tech Electrical final year student. What is the best method to choose optional subject for CSE?

With new format for Civil services (Main) Examination in place, UPSC has made the things simple as now, candidate needs to pick only ‘One’ optional subject. In such a scenario, it would be prudent to consider your own subject or any subject that is part of your academics. Look at the syllabus and previous years’ papers and judge if it is manageable. As has been witnessed in the past, majority of engineering/medical background candidates were making cross-doma...... Read More

I did MCA then which optional subject should I choose?

For computer background candidates it is a tricky situation as there is no optional subject that match with their academics. In such a situation, you familiarity and interest with any subject that you have read in past, come into play. The following article would give you some clues that can help you make the final choice: Choosing optional subject... Read More

Could you please give a list of Success-ratio of various optional subjects in Civil Service Examination 2012?

The only authentic figure available in public domain about success-rate of optional subjects relates to Civil Services Examination 2011. For CSE 2012 data, you will have to wait for some time as UPSC Annual Report usually comes little late. Useful read: Performance of Optional Subjects in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2011... Read More

sir ... presently I m working in union bank of india . I hv done my with hindi medium. I want to choose commerce as optional subject with hindi medium.. is it fruitful for me or I shd take some art subject like history.......

Sir, presently I am working in Union Bank of India. I have done my M.Com with Hindi medium. I want to choose Commerce as optional subject with Hindi medium. Is it fruitful for me or I should take some art subject like History? Commerce and Accountancy is a very good subject but, in Hindi medium it is not that popular. With master’s degree, it should not pose big problem for you to prepare. As such in new environment, it is prudent to pick your own subjec...... Read More

Can I choose Public Administration and History as an optional subject?? Is it valid combination?

Be informed that in new format for Civil Services (Main) Examination that came into effect from CSE 2013, now you need to pick only ‘One’ optional subject. So, you decide which among these two suits you the best among Public Administration and History! Also read: Only 'ONE' Optional Subject... Read More

Sir, I am B.Tech [Mechanical Engineering] Student of final year. What is the success rate of students who they have taken mechanical engineering as their optional subject last year?

Mechanical Engineering is not a very popular optional subject and only 103 candidates picked it as one of the optional subject in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2011. Only 7 of them got selected with a success-rate of 6.8 per cent. Now, in only ‘One’ optional subject regime, it would be strategic if you consider you can do justice with Mechanical Engineering, and then only you should pick it as your optional subject. You should look at the syllabus and past years’ papers to understand the level and current trends on that basis, you should take a call.... Read More

while going through csp2013 syllabus of optional subjects there are paper1 and paper 2 for each optional subjects.Please give me a clarification on that.

Let us clarify again; in Preliminary Examination there is no optional subject. There are two compulsory papers only. Prelims Paper I is General Studies and Paper II is Aptitude Test. In Main Examination, you need to pick only ‘ONE’ optional subject for which there are two papers Paper I and Paper II and even the syllabus for each optional subject is given in that style. Also read: Civil Services Examination 2013: Plan of Examination... Read More

Confused between Pub Ad & Pol Sc& IR.Which should be better for a working professional preparing with self study?

Among Public Administration and Political Science & International Relations, the later would be easy to manage with self-study. Public Administration is a highly dynamic subject and requires special effort to keep abreast with the latest. Even, the success-rate of Political Science & International Relations is much better in CSE 2011 in comparison to Public Administration. Performance of Public Administration in CSE 2012 result has also dented the sentiments in short-term. Also read: Public Administration v/s Political Science & International Relations... Read More

Give me a complete detail about optional to choose....what about new pattern and ab literature is compulsory or what??.....

It is nice to clear all doubts before you seriously indulge in Civil Services Examination preparation. Now, you can pick any ‘ONE’ optional subject from the list of optional subjects available. For your benefit, we are suggesting you to have a look at the following links to get clarity about the query you have raised. Plan of Examination ... Read More

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