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As candidates make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, there are lots of queries in minds and almost all aspirants lay siege to various issues like Exam-Plan, Preparation-Plan, books and study-material to choose, picking optional subject, choice of coaching institutes and so many other issues that matters a lot in success.
Instead of keeping it up to you, toss these to experts and throw it open to get it resolved.
You will find that you are not alone; there are many facing similar problems/issues that need to be resolved at the earliest so that these don’t impact your preparation.
Come out and discuss openly about all the questions that surround your mind so that you can get a piece of advice and what other candidates like you feel and what their opinion is about the same.

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Sir, myself a doctor working in a pvt. corporate company after my MBBS n also preparing for CSE.. Is it ok to appear CSE with either PUBLIC ADMN. or SOCIOLOGY as my optional subject..?? Kindly suggest keeping in view my medical background.

Among medicos, Sociology has been one of the favourite optional subjects. As such, being a doctor, you are exposed to many social problems, sufferings in the society and deal with harsh realities of life in day-to-day affairs. Being a social science, it is interesting and once concepts get cleared, you enjoy what you read. No doubt, Public Administration is a very good optional subject but, it has some specific demands and is highly dynamic in nature. It has been the most popu...... Read More

I am BE(Mechanical engineering) graduate. I want to know what subjects are best suited for a mechanical engineer apart from the conventional Mechnical Engineering subject. recently i bought book on Indian Polity and am finding it quite interesting. Sos!

For engineers it had been a dilemma and in past, most of them made cross-domain shift and picked up some humanities/literature of languages subjects as optional subject. Optional subject selection requires some exploration as it still has a big role to play in your success. Have a look at the following articles to get some insights about optional subject selection. Optional Subject Selection for CS (Main) Exam: Points to consider... Read More

i want to take psychology as my optional subject .... is it a right decision according to u..???? i have keen interest in it.... but is it a scoring subject for the mains exam..? plzzz guide me in this matter.. ...

Psychology is one of the most popular optional subjects and has been a strong performer. It is one of the high scoring subjects and the success-rate has been very good. If you have interest in Psychology and understand the subject requirements, you can go with it.... Read More

sir I have completed my B.E and now I want to join IAS service so kindly suggest me for my selection for optional paper . I have raw knowledge about all subjects so please suggest which subject will be easy to study and making grasp knowledge on that paper will be geography can be taken as optional or public administration or any others subjects???please suggest me.

The new format for Civil Services (Main) Examination has made decision tough for candidates as they have to pick only one optional subject now. For a beginner, choice of optional subject is little confusing  particularly for candidates with Engineering background as most of these candidates make cross-domain shift and pick some safe/scoring subject. Any subject that matches your aptitude would look easy to study as long as you understand the related requirements and when ...... Read More

Sir, I am an MBA with 4 years of work experience into corporate sector. I intend to choose my optional subject between Public administration and Sociology. MA in reasons for the former is my commonality with my post graduation subjects while for the later is my aptitude towards comprehension and systematic writing. I also feel that sociology will have lot of commonality with the GS subjects and hence will reduce the preparation requirements in terms of quantity. Kindly advice between Public Administration and sociology

Both Sociology and Public Administration are very good subjects and are very popular among candidates. As you have few reasons for opting these but, dilemma is which one to pick? Right now, the sentiments for Public Administration have been quite weak as in CSE 2012 results, it has been badly hit; particularly in Paper I where lot of candidates have scored in two digits...... Read More

sir According to new rule of upsc in mains exam only one optional sub can candidates will allow to pick up any sub or there are some rule and what about literature sub

As per the UPSC notification and subsequent amendments, now any candidate can pick any optional subject from the list of subjects given in the notification. Also read: UPSC issues Corrigendum Notice about certain changes in the scheme of Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013  ... Read More

sir i want to appear for upsc 2014,with public admin and hindi,my question is regarding the medium of appearing in the exam. i studies public admin in english,quite confused.please reply me so that i can take some steps

Medium of writing examination should be such with which you are able to express yourself well. If you are getting confused with English, we suggest you to take Hindi medium. As such, the new format for Main Examination requires you to opt for only one optional subject. In the emerging scenario, it is prudent to take that optional subject with which you can produce wonderful performance. As the performance of literature subject has been phenomenal, you can go with the trend. Literature of Hindi Language is a very good subject and has produced outstanding results. In recent CSE 2012 result, Raghvendra Singh (AIR 12, CSE 2012) had Literature of Hindi Language as one of the optional subjects.... Read More

Hello, I am planning to take CSE 2014. I am confused about taking Law as optional since I want to study it but have no law background. Is it advisable to choose it? Can the course be covered in one year's time? Also, I'll be taking college admission in MA Economics this year. Should I then choose Economics as optional? Please guide.

Law is one of the popular optional subjects and in recent years a lot of candidates have succeed in Civil Services Examination with Law without any subject background. Last year, Nitika Pawar (AIR 18, CSE 2011), Ajay Katesaria (AIR 28, CSE 2011)were among the toppers who achieved success with Law as optional without having Law background...... Read More

Dear Sir , I am Management Graduate , clear UGC NET in management . public administration or Management , which one is most suitable subject for IAS 2014. kindly assist

As you are planning to prepare for CSE 2014, you have sufficient time to prepare for optional subject and can wait a while to decide about the optional subject. Public Administration has been the most popular optional subject and has produced many successes. Whereas, Management as an optional subject has made its presence felt in last two year after changes introduced at Preliminary Examination level. It has produced phenomenal results and has helped many to succeed.   In new format for Main Examination where you need only one optional subject, it would be strategic to stick to your own subject as you will be required to put in greater time and effort for General Studies.... Read More

Hi, I am computer science graduate. I have selected public administration as my optional subject. Please suggest me whether it is best choice(i.e Is Pub Add preferable to Anthropology or not?) and also suggest me the best institute for Pub Add in hyderbad

Public Administration is one of the most popular optional subjects and is top performer in recent years. But, the recent changes in the Main Examination pattern have completely transformed the complexion of this examination. A lot of people say Public Administration has huge overlap with new General Studies syllabus; some topi...... Read More

I am a student of Mehcanical Engineering and in dilemma of choosing the optional subject. I consider two choices that are Geography and Public Adminstration. I am bit inclined towards Geography but my seniors advice me Public Ad. because of its concise syllabus?...What to do ?

Don’t listen to what others say; hear what your heart says! Both are very good optional subjects but, the criterion for choosing optional subjects have changed with new format for Main Examination. The following article will help you in getting some insights about Optional subject selection: Optional Subject: Don’t look for the best; explore what suits you the best!... Read More

Hello Sir, I Have Done BCA In My Graduation And I have passed Punjabi In My Graduation First Year and due to new pattern can i opt punjabi literature as one optional subject??

Now, with modifications announced on March 26, 2013 there is no restriction on picking any literature of languages. You can think of keeping Literature of Punjabi Language as your optional subject. Also read: UPSC issues Corrigendum Notice about certain changes in the scheme of Civil Service...... Read More

sir, I want to choose History or Geography as optional subject. please tell me which subject is better in terms of marks, syllabus. Thanks

Both History and Geography are very good optional subjects and have produced very high marks in past. While making decision about optional subject, one should not look at these factors like marks fetching, high scoring, and concise syllabus etc. One should look at the optional subject with whom a reasonably good attempt can be put in. in new format for Main Examination, as such the optional subjects have lost sheen and optional subject decision should better be b...... Read More

hi sir ,my graduation subject is botany ,i willing to take botany as an optional subject for mains but its success rate is very low...plz suggest me....

With change in Main Examination pattern, the scene is completely changed. Now, you need to pick only one optional subject and you have to make a strategy where you wish to depend on your own subject or would like to spend some time in learning new subject. Don’t take any decision in haste; pattern is new and first, you understand the complete exam-plan and then can take a call on optional subject. No doubt, success-rate of Botany (Optional subject – Main Examination) is low but, success-rate alone cannot be the basis of selection of optional subject.  ... Read More

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