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As candidates make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, there are lots of queries in minds and almost all aspirants lay siege to various issues like Exam-Plan, Preparation-Plan, books and study-material to choose, picking optional subject, choice of coaching institutes and so many other issues that matters a lot in success.
Instead of keeping it up to you, toss these to experts and throw it open to get it resolved.
You will find that you are not alone; there are many facing similar problems/issues that need to be resolved at the earliest so that these don’t impact your preparation.
Come out and discuss openly about all the questions that surround your mind so that you can get a piece of advice and what other candidates like you feel and what their opinion is about the same.

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Please tell me about CSAT and how should I prepare for CSAT ?

With introduction of CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) from CSE 2011, the circumstances have changed and the pattern of examination is throwing new challenges in front of the candidates. The composition of the propose Paper I and Paper II clearly reflect creativity and innovativeness as per the standards UPSC has been adopting. The level of questions asked in Paper I (General Studies) is of 10+2 standard. However, General Studies cannot be prepared in short span and req...... Read More

Sir I want to ask that how to go test series for Prelims -2014 as I am confused between Crack IAS & Vajiram for test series?

We hope that you understand the complete exam-plan and need of 'integrated approach' for an effective preparation. Only focusing on Preliminary Examination is not going to help you much. Before you join any test series, you should attempt to complete your preparation (Main Examination oriented) and then take decision to enrol with any coaching institute. Moreover, this sort of evaluation wou...... Read More

Sir my attempt will be in 2017. College doesn’t give me more than 3 hours for UPSC prep. I don't have time to read magazines and newspaper right now. If I start proper current affairs from mid 2015 i.e. 2 years prior to my attempt will it be enough. In the mean time I wish to cover GS.

As you wish to appear in CSE 2017, you have enough time in hand and at present, 3-hours a day is adequate for laying a strong foundation for Civil Services Examination preparation. It is okay if you commence serious preparation from 2015 but, start reading newspapers at least two straightaway. It would keep you in touch with the latest and enhance information level as well as general awareness. ... Read More

Sir, in General Studies subjects where self notes are essential like History, Geography etc how long should one take. I just started my UPSC preparation with Bipin Chandra History. I make very concise notes mostly 1 liners covering all the points given in the book. Currently I take 3 hours for 10 sides i.e. 5 pages. Am I too slow or Is this how long such subjects take. Also my attempt will be in 2017. Should I purchase the study material of Vajiram GS if it is given in points to save me the trouble of making notes.

As you are planning to appear in CSE 2017, you have a long period of time; you need to prepare a strategy only after self-analysis. This will help you in ascertaining your strengths and weaknesses. After that, you commence preparation from some basic books so that your concepts get clear and a strong foundation is laid. This will help you as you advance with your study-plan and even in newspaper reading. About making notes and reading speed It all depe...... Read More

Sir, I will appear in civil services in 2016, and I have been preparing sing Aug-Sept 2013 and till now I seem to have quite good hold on the concepts of Traditional topics (History, Polity, Economics, Geography) from the basic books like Bipin Chandra, Laxmikant, Ramesh Singh etc. Now I think I should order General studies notes for mains through postal course...I have to still decide b/w Crack IAS or Vajiram. So, I would like you to suggest would it be worth buying or would u like to recommend something else.

As you wish to appear in Civil Services Examination 2016, you maintain a slow but, steady preparation-plan. This is a big examination involving long preparation and requires focused approach. Don’t stretch too much and just keep your interest alive. You are really on the right track and we suggest you to keep moving on these lines as preparation based on standard text-books get you the grip you require to face the examination confidently. Besides, keep reading newspapers...... Read More

Is weekend coaching effective as regular coaching ?

Yes, Week-end coaching can be effective. It is all about your seriousness and how strategically it fits in your preparation-plan. For working candidates, it helps in catching up with preparation on fast-track on week-ends. For some, it is better utilization of time as on daily basis, a lot of time in consumed in commuting. Moreover, it can give opportunity to assess your short-term goals you set for preparation and can take stock of groundwork you have done in the week...... Read More

I am a final year B-Tech student. I plan to appear for the CSAT in 2015. the optional subjects I plan to take is Anthropology and Psychology. My first question is- Is 15 months enough for the preparation. and i would also appreciate if anyone can recommend good books on these subjects.

First of all, be informed about you have to look at the complete exam-plan not alone Preliminary Examination. Also, the new pattern for Main Examination that has come with CSE 2013; now, you need to choose only ‘One’ optional subject; so, choose which one among these two you wish to keep as optional subject. New pattern – Main Examination Yes, 15-mont...... Read More

i am 25% hearing disabled i doesnt come under disabled cateogray,,, may i go for civil services,, plz reply sir,,, currently i am using hearing aid

There is some reservation for Physically Disabled Categories. Even, Hearing impairment is listed in the notification; respective functional classification and physical requirements are clearly mentioned for various posts and services. For more clarity, please check the notification about the details. Though, as you mentioned, you don’t fall in Physically Disabled Category; if you have passion, you should make all efforts to convert your dream into reality. Civil Services Examination assesses your accumulated knowledge and general awareness; even if you have some limitations, you should make an attempt. All the best!... Read More

Hello sir i am Aditya from Cuttack, Odisha. I would like to appear IAS in 2015/2016. and i like to start preparation from now, so tell me some preparation tips.

It is right time to commence preparation as the task you have taken in hand is big. Understand the complete exam-plan, related requirements at each stage of the examination to understand the requirements. Make a beginning, as you advance, you will get to know the nature of this examination and importance of conceptual clarity with basics and the leatest developments. The following article would get you some insights about the preparation plan: IAS Preparation Tips... Read More

Prelim paper is in bilingual or monolingual which medium is opted?

The question papers for Preliminary Examination are set both in Hindi and English. However, questions related to English Language Comprehension skills are tested through passages from English Language only without providing Hindi translation.... Read More

Sir i live in Bhopal(m.p), and preparing for IAS. Many of my friends always give my suggestions about making friend circle for effective studies for UPSC. There is a central library which is 13-15km far from my house..So i want to know should i join it for making frnd circle. Would it be worth. But personally i think it would help me much,because i like studying in my home only where i can get coffee or little entertainment.. What do u suggest sir?

Be practical. After having a look at the query you have raised now and even in past, it seems you are too much worried about unnecessary things that have minimal influence on your preparation and performance.   No doubt, the process of writing examination like this for the first time is really difficult. But, commence preparation with self-self and gradually, you will make friends; you need not to go 13-14 kms just for sake of making friends or for a change. Bhopal i...... Read More

Sir i am a B.Pharm 3rd year student and wanted to know that which subjects i can choose for mains? As there are no subjects related to my field. Also how to start my preparation for prelims?

It is wrong to look at this examination stage-wise; understand the complete exam-plan and related requirements at each stage of the examination. Adopt an integrated approach for preparation so that you can cover the complete syllabus effectively. You should start with some basic books like NCERT books for laying a solid foundation and move gradually forward with standard text-books. Read: ... Read More

I am thinking of appearing in CSE 2014 when I should join coaching for pre

You are still thinking about appearing in Civil Services Examination 2014; by now, you should have commenced the preparation for an effective coverage of the syllabus. Moreover, looking at only Preliminary Examination requirements is not enough, you have to look at the complete exam-plan as single unit and prepare for Main Examination simultaneously with Preliminary Examination. Your question doesn’t make it clear that you are a fresher or what is your level of preparedn...... Read More

Sir, i am interested to write civil service exam, but how can i make my own ideas and opinions on current affairs.(which sources and websites) thank you sir.

The current trends require you to cover current affairs and issues related to contemporary developments effectively. The following article will help you in getting some insights about the same: Current Affairs resource for IAS preparation: Newspapers & Magazines... Read More

Sir I am doing and this is my last year. what should the strategy for for the civil services exam. I am confused with opting optional paper. i am good in my field should i opt commerce as my optional paper ? Another problem is that I have been from Hindi medium upto 12th standard.I am confident attempting my optional paper as commerce in english language but not confident in general studies papers. How can i solve this problem ?

Well, this is right time to be serious about Civil Services Examination preparation and without delay you should commence preparation with General Studies syllabus (Main Examination oriented). If you are confident with your own subject, it is in your benefit as you can pick Commerce & Accountancy as optional subject and organize it with lesser effort and can devote more time with General Studies preparation. Your other concern, the medium of writing examination iscrucial a...... Read More

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