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I have two questions: 1. I am an MBA, and I want to opt for Management as one of my optionals. I have studied the syllabus and previous years' question papers and I find myself at ease with the content. What is the success rate for Management in the mains? 2. With regards to my other optional, I am considering either Sociology or Political Science. I am equally comfortable with the content, after an initial assessment. Which has a shorter syllabus? Which has a higher success rate?

As per the latest data available, Management has a very high Success rate of 18.8% in Civil Services Examination 2007.

Only 3 candidates with Management were recommended for selection out of 16 appeared in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2007.

Your academic backgroud supports your decision so go ahead with Management as one of the optional subjects.

Comparing Sociology with Political Science & International Literature, Sociology attracts more number of candidates and has got better success-rate.

Number of Candidates appeared vis-a-vis recommended in CS (Main) Exam 2007
  Appeared Recommended Success Rate (%)
Sociology 1092 96 8.8
Political Science & International Relations 958 67 7.0

Still, we suggest the process you followed to zero in on your first optional subject by having a look at the syllabus and past years' paper trends before you finally decide your subject.

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