Should you go ahead with making Career in Civil Services or settle for something else?
admin Last Update on: 24 Jun 2020

Keeping in mind the dreams, parental pressure and peer-group influence, many a times list of probable employment opportunities does not match the candidate’s preferences, likes and dislikes. While exploring, out of long list of career options available in traditional industries and new-age establishments, seldom one follows the process to focus on suitable choice match their personality. World over, choice for a suitable career is conscious decision which involves a deli...
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सिविल सेवा परीक्षा तैयारी की शुरुआत में ही आवश्यक है आत्म-मूल्यांकन
admin Last Update on: 24 Jun 2020

आज की दुनिया में कई युवा पूर्व-निर्धारित धारणाओं के साथ सिर्फ अपने सपनों का पीछा करने में व्यस्त रहते हैं और ऐसा करते समय वह अपनी योग्यता एवं क्षमताओं का आंकलन सही से नहीं करते. वह केवल अपन...
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IAS preparation: In the beginning, self-assessment is must
admin Last Update on: 24 Jun 2020

In today’s world, many youngsters with pre-set notions, just chase their dreams and in doing so, they don’t realize their capabilities, their aptitude; they only experiment with the life and if they fail, coolly attempt something new. Before you commence preparation for any examination, you need to ask a few questions to yourself so that you are able to ascertain matching skills, traits and your seriousness towards the goal you have set. Is it your planned choice? ...
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Availing next attempt in Civil Services Examination; Better luck this time
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 01 Oct 2021

Success in Civil Services Examination is a result of serious preparation, understanding the intricacies involved and making the best use of knowledge accumulated and awareness over years. The result doesn’t bring pleasant news for everyone and at every stage of exam limited number of candidates reach next level and finally only a few hundred candidates find place in the merit-list. Candidates when they start preparing for Civil services Examination should be aware of...
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For those who could not clear Prelims in the last attempt
Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 24 Jun 2020

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination has become really tough and chances of success have gone down with increasing competition and lesser vacancies notified. For you moving to next stage is possible only if you cross first hurdle and get opportunity to appear in Main Examination. There are numerous instances where candidates found it difficult to clear Preliminary Examination and in the very next attempt, they not only cleared Prelims but succeeded with top ranks. In ...
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Interview Experience: REKHAWAR RAHUL ASHOK (AIR 15; CSE 2010)
admin Last Update on: 18 May 2020

Interview Date - April 4,2011 (Morning session) Interview Board: Mr. Nirbhay Sharma I was fifth in my group to be interviewed. Setting:                                     &nb...
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Performance of Hindi Medium in Civil Services Exam 2018 has been really upsetting
admin Last Update on: 21 May 2020

Performance of Hindi Medium in Civil Services Exam 2018 has been really upsetting
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Success Rate of Optional Subjects in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2016
admin Last Update on: 14 May 2020

Success Rate of Optional Subjects in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2016
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An analysis of Marks secured by First Rankers in Civil Services Examination 2013-2018
admin Last Update on: 25 Jun 2020

The marks obtained by successful candidates at top most rank at various stages of examination depict the complete picture about their performance in Civil Services Examination. The biggest take away is that after initial blip with CSE 2013, toppers marks gives an indication that now, candidates are having fair idea about the new pattern and now it has more or less become stable particularly in last three years. First, Look at the Cut-off The final cut-...
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My patience and dedication helped me reach my destination; says Nandini K R ( AIR 1; CSE 2016)
admin Last Update on: 03 Aug 2021

Nandini K R, an engineer, achieved the topmost rank in Civil Services Examination 2016 and accomplished her Goal of being a part of Indian Administrative Services. Nandini took all her attempts being in service and managed to perform well as she had cracked this examination in her earlier attempt also and got Indian Revenue Services (IRS). Even when the CSE 2016 results were announced, she was in service, undergoing training at NACEN Complex, Faridabad. Letting know he...
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