With hard work and perseverance, you can surely achieve what you want; says Shubham Bansal (AIR 43; CSE 2019)

With hard work and perseverance, you can surely achieve what you want; says Shubham Bansal (AIR 43; CSE 2019)

Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 23 Aug 2021

Shubham Bansal, an engineer from Delhi Technological University (DTU) has achieved a splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2019.

Shubham has secured 43rd rank in the merit-list. This success came to him in his third attempt.

Shubham had picked up Geography as optional subject.

There are only a few who achieve desired success in Civil Services Examination in first attempt; for many it is a vicious circle.

A failure at any stage affects candidates’ confidence and such circumstances are quite common in a candidate’s life.

Here the following two options define the mettle of the candidate:

- Failure blurs your path and lower self-confidence becomes the cause for repeated failures or

- It just proves to be a roadblock on the way to success and with confidence you make a spirited comeback and achieve your Goal.

Shubham Bansal belongs to the camp who believes that ‘Faith moves mountains.’

Being sure of his caliber, he just continued his efforts that spelt the ultimate outcome – Rank 43 in Civil Services Examination 2019.

Recounting the fall of events Shubham said, my endeavor started with Civil Services Exam 2017 and I reached Interview stage. Though, I could not see my name in merit-list, I appeared again in CSE 2018 and there came the shocker - I could not clear Preliminary Examination. Two months ago, I was staring at a chance to see my name in the holy merit-list to nowhere. Really, it was unimaginable.”

Shubham Bansal (AIR 43; CSE 2019)


“Once, it actually appeared to me that I will never be able to clear Prelims again; but this was the time when I bounced back”, he added.

Self-Confidence came into play

At the end of the day, this is just an exam; life is bigger than this. Shubham thought when others can, why can’t he ?  

When you focus on your strengths, you can make out how far you have come and how much improvement is needed; it becomes easier to manage.

Moreover, he never wanted to have the regret of not trying hard enough.

Candidly talking about his mindset Shubham said, “Yes, I failed; but I had the energy and the courage to do something worthwhile. I knew it is tough; but I continued my preparation particularly improving my optional subject etc.”

“By take every failure as an opportunity to improve, I used the empty one year ahead of me to prepare for RBI Grade-B recruitment and I cracked it.

And now, with CSE 2019, Shubham has done it in style by grabbing 43rd rank.

Career in IAS, why ?

Revealing his passion for career in civil service Shubham said, “As repetitive as it may sound, in my view CIvil Services offers us a platform to take on various roles and reach the most disadvantaged section. This is complemented by good learning opportunities and leadership roles, which I think would be very satisfactory.”

Shubham Bansal (AIR 43; CSE 2019)


“Lastly, like with others, in my case too, it was a dream seen by my parents however the final call was always left to me as to what I wanted to pursue.”

Preparation Journey

Civil Services itself has the word 'services' in it and this is what motivated me, when I started or when the going got tough.

I did not take any coaching; but I referred to lots of topper talks on YouTube and other websites. In particular, two strategies helped me the most: Kumar Harsh Sir, IAS who's coincidentally me senior from Delhi Technological University and Prajit Nair Sir, IAS (Geography and GS).

Rest most people follow similar sources. I made individual changes suited to me by using test series extensively for all stages of exam.

Though, my earlier attempts were almost reaching the finishing line and failing and then in next attempt, falling at first stage; however, I did not make much change to General Studies preparation except increased revision for GS Mains and Prelims.

I focused much more on my weak areas (Geography, my optional subject especially Physical Geography) to reach here.

So, I think identifying weaknesses is a must. Nothing is insurmountable.

My family

My father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker in Uttarakhand. They along with my elder sister and her husband have been my support during the long journey.

I had a lot of self doubts many times; but I kept on moving with their support and I am grateful for that.

In addition, I cannot forget the contribution of my other family members who have always blessed me well.

Factors that contributed in success

This is a rather interesting question. Ever since I started preparing back in 2016, never did my parents or a close circle of friends doubt me.

Even when there were moments when I had given up, my friends used to call me IAS or Civil Servant jokingly, in more seriousness they were showing their belief in me.

Shubham Bansal (AIR 43; CSE 2019) with parents


So, I think this close group, family and other well-wishers were contributory.

In addition, I also feel that one special thing which helped me is that I understood quite early that we do not need to do anything special but just do simple things many times and keep updating our strategy using test papers, thinking etc.

With this, we can go a long way.

Secret of Success

Lots of hard work, revision, test papers and support of people around me certainly. Sometime I feel I got lucky and hope to do good things in the future.

Credit for Success

My parents without an iota of doubt and all the sacrifices they have made over the last decade. I have done very less in comparison; it's all about what they have inculcated in me from childhood.

Word of Advice for Future Aspirants

Civil Services Examination is a big goal. You have to remain optimistic and confident even if you face any hurdle in between.

Accept all your small achievements and keep moving forward and maintain consistency.

As I mentioned, a little hiccup was encountered with a positive frame of mind and by picking a little smaller challenge (RBI Exam), I ultimately reached my final destination.

You can do it, you deserve it and with hard work and perseverance, you will surely achieve what you want.

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