Anyone can Qualify Civil Services Exam with Proper Guidance and Consistency; says Shreya Choudhary (AIR 692; CSE 2019)

Anyone can Qualify Civil Services Exam with Proper Guidance and Consistency; says Shreya Choudhary (AIR 692; CSE 2019)

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Sometimes it is the unpredictable nature of Civil Services Examination that seems not doing justice; and the rank doesn’t reveal your mettle.

Conversely, success in this examination is a big and well deserved for talented Shreya Choudhary who has shown an offbeat choice while spelling out her preferences for services. Her first preference is Indian Revenue Services (IT).

She had shown faith in Anthropology as optional subject.

Some positive, life-changing things starts to happen when you take charge of shaping your career with clarity of purpose and creatively moving ahead with adding knowledge in sphere of academics.

This is a story of a girl who had clearly defined her Goal and all efforts were made in right direction; and ultimately she justified her each step.

Even whatsapp status describes her outlook towards life:

“Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go,

Just remember how far you have come.

Remember everything you have faced,

All the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.”

With a determined and creative mindset Shreya Choudhary, a post graduate from Delhi University and Ph.D. in ‘Effects of Nutrician on the Ontogeny’ from Department of Zoology, Delhi University has achieved a brilliant success in Civil Services Examination 2019.

Shreya did her schooling from Mayur Public School, Delhi (10th - 91.6 percent; 12th – 77.8).

With NET-CSIR Junior Research Fellowship and Senior Research Fellowship, Shreya had fortified her career options; but, career in Civil Services has been top-of-mind.

Shreya Choudhary (AIR 692; CSE 2019)


Versatile Shreya with practicing Yoga and taking care of street animals mostly dogs, she has a strong strength of will, self-discipline and compassionate that clearly indicates some of the qualities that a Civil Servant must have.

Revealing her thought about career in Civil Services Shreya said, “It offers an excellent balance between serving the nation and having a stable, progressive career.”

Preparation Journey

I was clear about the challenge I had accepted in life and I was ready to face the obstacles and problems coming my way.

I commenced preparation with the right advice from Vaid Sir (Vaids ICS) and picked up Anthropology as my optional subject.

I looked at previous year results, syllabus, my ability to understand the subject, availability of reference material and guidance. Anthropology scored on all these aspects. Thus, I went for it.

Even valuable inputs from some of my friends in service helped me chalk out my preparation strategy.

Candidly talking about her journey Shreya said, “Few Initial attempts were not given with full preparation. I had to pay the price for such actions."

"Soon, I was clear about my approach, my study-resource and with proper guidance, I was moving on the right path. My resource involves lots of NCERT books as well as some standard textbooks for specific subjects.”

In the process, I cleared Preliminary Examination thrice and faced Interview board twice.

However, success comes when you hit a tipping point and it was my fifth attempt that proved to be lucky for me and with Civil Services Examination 2019, I got my name inscribed in the holy merit-list.

When asked to pinpoint the factors that contributed the most in success in this attempt Shreya said, “It could happen due to consistency in preparation and with writing Test Series. Also the crisp notes that I made helped me in revision.”

Shreya Choudhary (AIR 692; CSE 2019)


"You can say that perseverance to achieve my goal has been the one big factor", she added.

Acknowledging the support of her family Shreya said, “My father M S Choudhary is a senior manager in State Bank of India and my mother Savitri Choudhary is Principal in Delhi Government Senior Secondary School. My family and friends were the main pillars of support during my journey.”

Why IRS (IT) as first preference?

IRS (IT) was my first preference as I want to have a good work life balance.

As an individual this balance is important for me. It will further fuel my professional efficiency.

Secret of Success

Not losing hope even after repeated failures

Credit for success

My parents, friends and teachers who always encouraged me deserve the most of the credit.

Even my pet dogs were always a source of relaxation whenever I was stressed.

To motivate future aspirants, a word of Advice

Anyone can qualify this exam with proper guidance and consistency.

Shreya Choudhary (AIR 692; CSE 2019)

One should appear in the examination only if the preparation is up to the mark.

Give first attempt only after you are fully satisfied with your preparation.

 As the number of attempts increase, the mental pressure also increases.


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