Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams; says Majid Iqbal Khan (AIR 638; CSE 2019)

Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams; says Majid Iqbal Khan (AIR 638; CSE 2019)

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Majid Iqbal Khan from Kashmir has achieved a brilliant success in Civil Services Examination and has secured 638th Rank in the merit-list.

This has come to him in his third attempt.

He had chosen Anthropology as optional subject.

Setting your Goal is easy; but to accomplish your desire, you need to commit yourself and go all in.

With lots of awareness about Civil Services Examination, we have access to a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. However, the secret of success lies in staying relevant and focusing on limited resources, working hard and letting nothing distract you until it is done.

It sounds realistic with Kashmiri boy Majid Iqbal Khan who realized his dreams with a splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2019.

After completing B.Tech. from NIT, Warangal, Majid Iqbal Khan turned his focus towards Civil Services Examination. He had done his schooling from Army Proud Scholars school, Khundru, Anantnag (Kashmir).

Working as an executive in HSCC, he could foresee a bright future; but his interest leaned towards something else as he wished to serve the country.

Majid Iqbal Khan (AIR 638; CSE 2019)


When I left a secure corporate job, I just did not think I could be successful; rather I was confident that I will be able to make it.

A fitness freak Majid has Football and Gym as hobbies that indicate he had mental set-up to work through things.

While weighing up appropriate career for him Majid said, “Career in Civil Services purely because of the diverse range of opportunities it provides to contribute towards the welfare of society. In the pursuit, one truly attains the purpose and meaning of one's existence.”

Majid believed in the things that he wanted to accomplish in life and started looking seriously at Civil Services as his career progression.

Naysayers said that I am evaluating the prospects of an unknown future on a different turf where unpredictability is the keyword.

However, some timely motivation helped me strengthen my resolve to go for Civil Services Examination and my foray began with focus on CSE 2017.


After defining my Goal, when I commenced preparation, I felt capable and resourceful as I had people around to guide me towards winning strategies.

I got the right advice from my seniors who already had cracked the exam by watching their videos and reading their interviews.

Majid Iqbal Khan (AIR 638; CSe 2019) with Parents


In today’s environment you don’t need to roam around for getting the basic information, you just need to reach out to online resources and get the relevant stuff as per your requirement.

Since I had to pick a new subject as optional, I preferred Anthropology as I found it quite interesting.

Vaid Sir has been a source of guidance and everything else that one needs for this exam. It's truly a blessing to personally know him and learn from his experience.

When it came to choice for resource, I relied upon the books and study-material same as any topper will recommend.

Being passionate, I appeared in my first attempt without preparation.

However, in my next attempt I was serious and focused. But, again, I made a mistake of not practicing sufficient answer writing for which I paid heavily. I missed cutoff by just 4 marks.

But, this time in my third attempt with CSE 2019 I was careful and by taking clue from my previous attempts cared for areas where I could improve i.e. my optional subject and Essay.

My success in this attempt is result of my hard work, dedication, honesty, perseverance and patience.

Acknowledging the contribution of his family Majid said, “We live in a joint family. The contribution of every member was very important. Most important role was played by my father who trusted and supported me throughout this journey.”

Secret of Success

Being honest about my studies

Credit for Success

My parents; especially my father.

A word of Advice for future aspirants

Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Don’t let naysayers stop you from trying.

Work with full dedication and honesty; and let the will of God decide what's better for you.

Majid Iqbal Khan (AIR 638; CSE 2019) Anthropology


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