Success in UP PCS is not my destination, it’s just a beginning; says Dr. Rama Mishra (selected as Commercial Tax Officer)

Success in UP PCS is not my destination, it’s just a beginning; says Dr. Rama Mishra (selected as Commercial Tax Officer)

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Dr. Rama Mishra, a dentist has achieved a brilliant success in UP PCS Exam 2018 as she has been selected as Commercial Tax Officer.

Her medium of writing Mains has been English and she preferred English for Interview as well; but it was bilingual. This success came to her in second attempt.

She had picked up Sociology as Optional subject.

Dr. Rama Mishra from Prayagraj, UP completed her Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Sadar Patel Dental College, Lucknow in 2015.

She has accomplished a goal she set for herself – A career in Civil Services.

Revealing her motivation for career-choice Rama said, “Dreams can be real if you live by them day & night. The very idea of becoming a Civil Servant was planted in me by my father during my high-school; but I pursued a professional degree before that for having an alternative career option.Dr. Rama Mishra (UP PCS-Commercial Tax Officer)

You are a dentist; why career in civil services?

As a dentist, I have a limited operational area. There are other causative factors in healthcare sectors apart from disease itself which needs to be addressed. These factors put individuals in a vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition and deprivation. This drove me again towards Civil Service so that I can do something better for my people.

Being in administration, I can better utilize my expertise domain and implement task/schemes assigned for the betterment of under/un-privileged section. 

In last, I wouldn’t deny that the prestige and social recognition associated with the services was one of the reasons why I opted it as my career. 

Family & their Contributions

My father Shri Bal Krishna Mishra is a Jailor and my mother Smt. Kamlesh Mishra is a homemaker. My father motivated me throughout this journey and stood as a pillar in hard times. He helped me develop administrative capabilities.

My younger siblings were supportive and always encouraged me to achieve my dreams. My brother Kardam Mishra and sister Marisha Mishra both are Law graduates and preparing for judicial services. My uncle Ram Krishna Mishra’s contribution cannot be forgotten.

My in-laws never questioned my decision of preparing for civil services and always supported me in the best possible ways. My husband Dr. Gaurav Mishra to help me in expanding my analytical capabilities through debates and discussions. I am thankful to each and everyone who have joined me throughout because without their support it wouldn’t have been possible. Dr. Rama Mishra (UP PCS-Commercial Tax Officer) with Family


Before starting with the preparation, one should go through the syllabus of UPSC/UP PSC because it is important to understand the demand of the exam; what to study and what to leave.

Entire process is divided in three stages – Preliminary, Mains & Personality Test/Interview; but it cannot be prepared in three different stages.

You should cover all the topics of syllabus simultaneously for Prelims, Mains & Interview.

For Preliminary Exam : 

  • Solve as many MCQs as you can
  • Read NCERT and basic books
  • Newspaper reading + monthly magazine (any)
  • Give mock tests

For Main Exam :

  • Write test series and mains answers
  • Make concise note of every topic of syllabus
  • Supplement your answers with quotes, thinkers or current events
  • Some factual data can fetch you good marks
  • Relate the topics with current affairs
  • Use diagrams, flowcharts more than the paragraph –

For Interview :

  • Analyze your DAF/hobbies/academic details/previous job profile etc.
  • Be confident and gives bold answers
  • Do not hesitate to say sorry for the questions you do not know
  • Give mock interviews and practice in front of the mirror

Time required for Preparation

I would say that it is a myth that this exam requires 16-18 hours of study.

You just have to be consistent in this journey and 6-8 hours of thorough study for Preliminary Exam is enough (depending upon your potential).

A stress-free mind acquires more knowledge than a stressed one.

Yes, for mains you will have to devote some more time 

The First Stage of The Journey - Prelims

Preliminary examination does not require luck. I think it is the simplest step.

You just have to revise your syllabus twice or thrice before appearing in the exam. You do not need to score 180 or more as it is not included in final merit. So, for me it requires your dedication and hard work, not just luck. I only solved 98-100 questions in UPPSC 2018 pre and I got 120 marks. So, try to eliminate the answers using your knowledge.            

How to attempt the paper I used to solve question in three iteration.

At 1st, the questions I was sure about. In 2nd, the question which I was 80% sure and in last, I made few attempts based on calculative guess.

Essay and Optional Subject - A Strategic Move

These two subjects/papers must be prepared well as they are the ones who will decide on merit and rank.

For Essays I had selected topics in 4 categories :

- Women related issues

- Infrastructural problems

- Burning international relations 

- Government schemes 

Number of Attempts 

It was my second attempt in UP PSC.

In my first attempt, I read many books and sources which I couldn’t revise in the end so I could not qualify even prelims. 

Books and Study-Material

I did not read many books rather I revised one book 10 times. I did not take help of any new book except ‘Ghatnachakra’ for UP PSC as I’m preparing for UPSC the same books I referred for UP PSC.  

General studies : 

  1. Polity : M. Laxmikant + Bare Act
  2. Geography : NCERTs (IX-XII) + few chapters of GC Leong Google maps & Wikipedia for marking sites and thorough study
  3. History : Ancient – RS Sharma; Medieval – NCERT; Modern – Spectrum
  4. Art & Culture : Nitin Singhaniya
  5. World History : Old NCERT (Arjun Deb)
  6. Economics : Sri Ram Class notes + video lectures of Mrunal
  7. Science & Tech : PT 365 + NCERT
  8. Current Affair : Vision monthly magazine + The Hindu + Ghatnachakra Samsamyiki
  9. Environment : Shankar IAS
  10. RSTV , Mygov YouTube channel Optional :


Paper I –IGNOU notes + Vajiram Class notes+ Vikas Ranjan

Paper II – Various society & current problem of society from newspaper • Along with that I solved previous years question paper.  

Interview Experience

I was interviewed by Dr. Ramji Maurya Sir’s Board on 21st August 2020. It lasted for about 25-30 minutes.

What are you doing?

You’re already a doctor which is so respectable job in itself then why you want to join civil service? - What is your Post-preference? 

Chairman Sir

  1. Water borne diseases
  2. Vector borne diseases
  3. RNTCP & target
  4. Immunization Program
  5. Name the diseases included in UIP
  6. How many states & UT as on 21/08/2020
  7. What is the logic of having two state capitals

Member 1

  1. What is your preference
  2. Why you want to become SDM
  3. Digital awareness v. digital aggression
  4. New education policy
  5. Maternity Benefit Act

Member 2

  1. Can you explain evolution of man in dental perspective
  2. Why there is a gender divide in India & measures
  3. What is your strength & weakness

Member 3

  1. What is UCC
  2. Why is it controversial & is it needed today
  3. Why govt did not implement it in past 70yrs
  4. What will you do as an officer for improving women condition
  5. Triple Talaq & related question

Credit for Success

As it is not my destination, it’s just a beginning. I am preparing for UPSC and will put all my efforts for this.

I am grateful to God, my parents, in-laws, husband, brother, sister & my friends. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has directly/indirectly, knowingly/unknowingly or in any way helped me in life till now or during the course of my preparation. I owe this success to them.

Hobbies :

Travelling & reading books

Strength :

Confident, extrovert & punctual

Weakness :

Over-thinker & emotional

Success Mantra for Future Aspirants

Keep your resources minimum

Revise as much as you can

Make notes and

Be consistent!

Do not cut-off yourself from the things which makes you happy. 




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