Marks secured by Top 25 in Civil Services Examination 2021

Marks secured by Top 25 in Civil Services Examination 2021

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It is clearly evident from the marks of Shruti Sharma (AIR 1; CSE 2021) that a brilliant show in Main Examination (Written) helps you in your end result and in her case the difference has been huge.
It is not that getting high marks is difficult in interview; candidates are getting decent marks; but there is lot of variation in score and uncertainty about your performance in interview can make or break your fortunes.
Each stage of the Civil Services Examination has its own importance and your performance help you in accomplishing the goal you have set for yourself.

UPSC has released the marks of the Civil Services Examination 2021 successful candidates that gives fair idea about their performance.
Shruti Sharma (AIR 1, CSE 2021) has secured 1105 marks out of total 2025 marks. Ankita Agarwal (AIR 2, CSE 2021) got 1050 marks and Gamini Singla (AIR 3, CSE 2021) got 1045 marks.
Aggregate Marks of 1st Rank in last 5 years
Shruti Sharma (AIR 1, CSE 2021) 1105 marks
Shubham Kumar (AIR 1, CSE 2020) 1054 marks
Pradeep Singh (AIR 1, CSE 2019)   1072 marks
Kanishak Kataria (AIR 1, CSE 2018)  1121 marks
Durishetty Anudeep (AIR 1, CSE 2017)  1126 marks 
Role of Main (Written) Examination Marks
For any candidate, a good aggregate in Main (Written) Examination ensures success as well as helps in grabbing top spot. Difference of marks that occurs with Main Examination (Written) make huge difference in the fate of candidates
With 932 marks in Main Examination (Written) Shruti Sharma has secured maximum marks in CSE 2021. This aggregate helped his secure the topmost rank despite an average mark (173 Marks) in Interview.
On the contrary, impact of h6ig5h6 interview marks is clearly visible in case of Preetam Kumar (AIR 9; CSE 2021). with 201 marks in Personality Test, he found his name among top 10.
Likewise, Anshu Priya (AIR 16; CSE 2021) got really high marks (204 Marks) that ensured her place among top 25 with Main Examination written total of 818 marks.
Dilip K Kainikkara (AIR 21; CSE 2021) secured 817 marks in Main Examination (Written); but with a decent score of 201 marks in Personality Test (Interview) he could grab Rank in top 25.
The following table gives you a little clue about top 25 ranker’s performance. 
The complete details about the marks secured by the successful candidates in Main Examination (Written), Interview and aggregate.
List of Top 25
S.NO.  ROLL NO  NAME Written Total Personality Test Marks Total Marks
1. 0803237  SHRUTI SHARMA   932 173 1105
2. 0611497  ANKITA AGARWAL 871 179 1050
3. 3524519  GAMINI SINGLA 858   187 1045
4. 5401266  AISHWARYA VERMA 860   179 1039
5. 0804881  UTKARSH DWIVEDI   871   165 1036
6. 0834409  YAKSH CHAUDHARY 879   154 1033
7. 0886777  SAMYAK S JAIN 838   193 1031
0801479  ISHITA RATHI  862   168 1030
1118762  PREETAM KUMAR 829 201 1030
10  6301529  HARKEERAT SINGH RANDHAWA 831   195 1026
11  0839316  SHUBHANKAR PRATYUSH PATHAK   832   193 1025
12  0859275  YASHARTH SHEKHAR   863   162 1025
13  0511100  PRIYAMVADA ASHOK MHADDALKAR 826 198 1024
14  0840534  ABHINAV J JAIN   860 164 1024
15  7600782  C YASWANTHKUMAR REDDY   836   187 1023
16  0849748  ANSHU PRIYA   818   204 1022
17  6400929  MEHAK JAIN  857   165 1022
18  6624586  RAVI KUMAR SIHAG 851   171 1022
19  8500663  DIKSHA JOSHI  827   193 1020
20  0854091  ARPIT CHAUHAN  858   160 1018
21  1903769  DILIP K KAINIKKARA  817   201 1018
22  0808356  SUNIL KUMAR DHANWANTA   823   193 1016
23  0304401  ASHISH 834   182 1016
24  5110593  PUSAPATI SAHITYA 830   184 1014
25  0863045  SHRUTI RAJLAKSHMI 835   179 1014

With Mains Score, Shruti has had a winning lead
This has been an excellent show by 1st rank Shruti who secured 55 marks more than the 2nd rank Ankita Agarwal and the difference of marks between 1st and 25th rank has been huge - 91 marks.
Last Year, in CSE 2020 difference of marks between 1st and 25th rank had been only 45 marks.
Prior to this, there is a difference of only 47 marks between ranks 1st and 25th; that goes on to show how keenly contested Civil Services Examination 2019 had been.
If you compare it with CSE 2018 result, there was a difference of 66 marks between Rank 1 Kanishak Kataria and Gondane Vaibhav Sunil (AIR 25; CSE 2018). 
The difference in marks at top had been 49 marks in CSE 2017 as 1st Rank Durishetty Anudeep got 1126 marks and 25th rank candidate Saad Miya Khan got 1077 marks.
Significance of Interview Marks
It is not that getting high marks is difficult in interview; candidates are getting decent marks; but there is lot of variation in score and uncertainty about your performance in interview can make or break your fortunes.
As the marks table reflect, Ashutosh Kumar (AIR 77; CSE 2021) and Kiran P B (AIR 100; CSE 2021) secured 206 marks each in the Personality Test (Interview), S Sivanandham (AIR 87; CSE 2021) secured 205 marks. This is the highest score whereas the least score is 110 marks.
For the candidates right at the bottom of the list – Davy Goyal (AIR 680; CSE 2021) and Rinkoo Singh Rahee (AIR 683; CSE 2021), both PwBD candidates secured 110 in the Personality Test (Interview).
That is why it is always recommended that your aim should to have a brilliant show in Main Examination (Written) that finally helps in your end result.
The best example is the superb performance in Personality Test by Awate Amol Shantaram (AIR 678; CSE 2021) 201 marks and R Shankaran (AIR 684; CSE 2021) 193 mark (both PwBD candidates) helped them grab a place in the Merit-list. 

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