An analysis of Marks secured by First Rankers in Civil Services Examination 2013-2018

An analysis of Marks secured by First Rankers in Civil Services Examination 2013-2018

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A glance at the marks secured by 1st rankers in last six year reveal their performance.

This is an attempt to give you a fair idea about the marks they secured in Mains (Written) as well as at Interview stage.

In the analysis while the General Studies score have contributed; in all the toppers aggregate the major impact has come from Optional Subject marks.


The marks obtained by successful candidates at top most rank at various stages of examination depict the complete picture about their performance in Civil Services Examination.

The biggest take away is that after initial blip with CSE 2013, toppers marks gives an indication that now, candidates are having fair idea about the new pattern and now it has more or less become stable particularly in last three years.

First, Look at the Cut-off

The final cut-off for CSE 2018 (General) has once again come down to 982 against final cut-off for CSE 2017 that was 1006 marks, a little more than CSE 2016 (988 marks).

Mains (Written) cut-off also showed a decline to 774 that registered an increase last year (CSE 2017 - 809 marks and CSE 2016 – 787 marks).

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Aggregate Percentage

Looking at data for last Six years (with new Main Examination pattern), in CSE 2018, Kanishak Kataria (AIR 1; CSE 2018) has secured 55.36 percent marks that is in line with marks secured last years by Durishetty Anudeep (AIR 1; CSE 2017) and Nandini K R (AIR 1; CSE 2016).

Although Ira’s written marks 920 were the highest score in Main Examination (Written) 2014, similar is the case for Tina Dabi with 868 marks. Kanishak Kataria also has scored highest marks 942 marks.

As far as Gaurav Agrawal’s written marks are concerned, you can’t take it lightly as he topped the examination that was with completely new pattern for Main Examination. 

Yes, in Civil Services Examination 2013, there was lot of uncertainty and perplexity among candidates.IAS Toppers Marks Analysis

The biggest contributor

For Gaurav, his Optional Subject Economics score (296 marks) and Interview marks (206 marks) did wonders.

Above average marks in Optional Subject (305 marks), Essay (160 marks) and General Studies Paper 2 (122 marks) and Paper 4 (135 marks) helped Ira Single to amass the highest aggregate.IAS Toppers Marks Analysis

In case of Tina Dabi, it has been Optional Subject Political Science & International Relations (299) and Interview marks (195 marks) that helped.

Nandini K R marks distribution shows heavy tilt towards Optional Subject (Literature of Kannada Language) 331 marks. Interview marks (193 marks) were also decent.

Significance of Optional Subject Anthropology (318 marks) and Essay (155 marks) showed its impact on Anudeep Durishetty marks.

Whereas extraordinary performance in Optional Subject Mathematics (361 marks) helped Kanishak Kataria to grab the topmost rank.1st Rank IAS Toppers Marks Analysis

An analysis

The significance of Interview marks is clearly visible in result of Gaurav Agrawal, Tina Dabi and Nandini K R. Their Personality Test marks are much above the average that helped them in securing first rank.

However, dominance of marks obtained in Main Examination (Written) is evident in Kanishak Kataria,  Durishetty Anudeep and Ira Singhal’s result.

Keeping in mind cut-off, Tina and Nandini’s score are a balanced one; while in Ira Singhal’s case it was Main Examination (Written) marks that helped her top and something similar is witnessed with Kanishak Kataria and Durishetty Anudeep.

No doubt, high interview marks worked wonders in Gaurav Agrawal’s result.



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