There are a lot of personal factors that always motivates everyone; says Hitesh Kumar Meena (AIR 417; CSE 2018)

There are a lot of personal factors that always motivates everyone; says Hitesh Kumar Meena (AIR 417; CSE 2018)

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“In my first attempt, failure at the last stage happened to me, next attempt again proved to be a blockade and the third turned to be the one that helped me accomplish the task” said Hitesh Kumar Meena (AIR 417; CSE 2018).

If he has to narrate his story for Civil Services Examination or Indian Forest Service Examination, the above statement stands true for both.

Hitesh had picked up Civil Engineering as Optional Subject.

"Find the meaning in your life and you can become the best version of yourself."

Those who can understand the expression can really transform their lives. Be it a life event or for that matter, question of your career; nothing can stop you in achieving big success.

Hitesh Kumar Meena, B.Tech (Civil Engineering) from IIT BHU, Varanasi and M.Tech. (Transportation Engineering) from IIT Delhi, achieved brilliant success in Civil services Examination 2018 and secured 417th rank in the merit-list. Along with it, he also cracked Indian Forest Service Examination 2018.

In all, 3 attempts, 5 UPSC interviews. For first attempt appeared in interview for IAS and Indian Forest Service, didn’t clear either. For 2nd attempt I appeared in Civil Services interview. For third, appeared in interviews and cleared both.

Career in Civil Services, why?

Imparting the motive behind his decision Hitesh said, “There were some expectations from the society, from family; even my confidence was so high that I will do something which will not constitute monopoly of work at the same time will give an opportunity to work for society in a long term manner.”

Candid about his final choice he added, “So, after considering all these factors, I chose Civil Services. Before knowing this result, I was selected in Indian forest service also; but, the area of work is more diversified in Civil Services as compared to other jobs.Hitesh kumar Meena-upsc topper-IAS-AIR 417-CSE 2018-Civil Engineering

IAS; the first preference

As I come from rural background and a middle class family, I really want to help people.

Post of IAS provides diversification of work. If you are going to hold DM post; then you will have all departments of districts. Thus, it provides opportunity to work and it will impact the masses directly rather than other services.

Other opportunities available are also good as with IPS, you have law and order; but, IPS has less work scope as compared to IAS. Again as IRS also you impact people’s life; but, in an indirect manner.

My family

I belong to a middle class family; my father is a Government teacher and my mother is a House wife. My grandparents are farmers.

We are four; 2 brothers and 2 sisters. One of my sisters is government teacher and the other one is preparing for competitive exams.

My brother is studying in IIT Kanpur.Hitesh kumar Meena-upsc topper-IAS-AIR 417-CSE 2018-Civil Engineering

The first step

There are a lot of seniors from IIT that were selected for Civil Services.

By interacting with them, I got to know that there is not much of a intricacy and this is within my reach. 

I had this thing in my mind that those who succeed are different. But, during my 3rd attempt I even had friends who had single or double digit rank; so, now I did not have any misconception.

Obviously their strategies are effective; but, there is no hard and fast rule.

Secret of Success

Family support, friends, confidence, sincerity, discipline and stroke of luckHitesh kumar Meena-upsc topper-IAS-AIR 417-CSE 2018-Civil Engineering

Credit for success

1. Parents, in providing me the emotional support.

2. My grandparents, being my inspiration

3. Preparation wise- my friends; I have become sincere because of them.

Advice to future aspirants

After my success, I think one need 3 things:

1. Confidence, if you have that you can ignore people’s voice

2. Honesty and

3. Sincerity.

Complete syllabus, last year papers and test series and have self-belief.

 “There are a lot of personal factors that always motivates everyone and obviously there is so much poverty in India whenever you visit some public place you will find people who lack basic necessities.

Being from a middle class family or from humble background, you do not have any resources or authority without having a hold on such post.”

In the middle of difficulties lies opportunity

Divulging the motivational force Hitesh said, “Confidence plays 50% role. I was confident because of the inspiration I got from my grandparents. “

“My grandparents are farmers, whenever any crop or harvesting goes wrong; they have this aspiration that the crop will grow again. They fertilize and raise the crop again. I learnt life lessons from their work and way of life.”

I have shared my motivational factor; it is time to define your factors and you will see a dramatic change in the way you look at your endeavour.

Wish you all a grand success!


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