At the outset, Everyone just think of Rank among ‘Top 10’; Yes, it was a Dream for me as well - Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (AIR 5; CSE 2018)

At the outset, Everyone just think of Rank among ‘Top 10’; Yes, it was a Dream for me as well - Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (AIR 5; CSE 2018)

Atul Kapoor Last Update on: 01 Oct 2021

The topper among women in Civil Services Examination 2018 is Srushti Jayant Deshmukh and she has secured 5th Rank. It was her first attempt.

A well-planned strategy and execution to the precision helped Srushti to crack it in the first encounter itself.  In CSE 2018, she has scored the highest marks in General Studies score that goes on to indicate her level of preparedness.

Srushti had shown faith in Sociology that she chose as Optional Subject.

"Just dream about a satisfying career you are meant to build, take the first step and steadily keep moving forward with hope and enthusiasm and achieve desired success."

Each aspiring youth remains in search of such template that can shape the career.

Some define it as Copy-Book-Style; but, those with a clear ‘Goal’ come with a ‘Purpose’ and accomplish the task in style in first encounter.

At the outset, when you dream success in Civil Services Examination, desire it passionately and make sincere efforts to achieve it.Srushti Jayant Deshmukh-AIR 5-CSE 2018

Srushti Jayant Deshmukh begun her foray in to Civil Services Examination with a clear end in sight  and one thing was crystal clear; to achieve anything you have to be in the midst of action.

Impeccable academics – 10th standard CGPA 10; 93.4 percent in 12th and immaculate performance in graduation with 8.3 CGPA; all this articulate her intellect and it gives an impression that as if she achieved this brilliant success in Civil Services Examination just in a flow.

Inspired by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, Srushti learnt the value of seeing big dreams and philosophy of Swami Vivekananda influenced her thoughts and what kept her going was her daily routine –Yoga and meditation.

Being the topper among women and success in first attempt and my quest for knowing what toppers are made of, lead me to Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (AIR 5; CSE 2018).

It was a long chat with Srushti about her journey, her experiences and about success; I initiated the conversation by asking:

Is Srushti really made for ‘Rank 5’?

The instant response from Srushti was, “When you are preparing for the Civil Services Examination, everyone just dream of getting among ‘Top 10’; but, no one can guarantee of being in Top 10 or 20.

Yes, it was a dream for me as well.

I had been visualizing that most of candidates have similar amount of knowledge, it is just how you present yourself and these little things make a difference at each stage of examination.

For me my aim was ‘Focus on each and everything, don’t leave anything on luck’.SRUSHTI-JAYANT-DESHMUKH-5th-rank-IAS-Topper-UPSC

Reaction on Success – On being first past the post!

After my Main Examination, I had confidence that I have given a decent performance and I was satisfied with General Studies papers. I was confident that I will see my name in the list.

When you put in so much in to your preparation and you get rewarded then certainly you get relived that hard work has paid off. It gave me utter relief and happiness; entire family was joyful about it.

Honestly, there was a bit of disbelief also for my family, they were saying like you got Rank 5?

How it all started?

Being aware of career in ‘Civil services’ as an option available, I had chosen Chemical Engineering to accelerate my career in a growing industry.

However, during second year while pursuing B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) at Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalya, Bhopal, I started contemplating actually what am I doing? Where do I want to reach?

I had this dream somewhere in mind that I want to become an IAS Officer. Then, just to start the ball rolling, it was like why not to explore prospects here.

There I realized that Civil Services is that area, that position where you can impact so many lives and you can make a positive impact on lives of so many people and you can make it happen just by your learning capacity.

Initially, this was a vague idea; but, I was sure that there is something I want in my life and this is something I would like to do till the end.

By weighing a vast array of factors to ascertain the odds of success and evaluating balance of risks and rewards gradually, the picture become clear and I become sure that I don’t have any background, chosen I different academic field; still I would like to go ahead with it.

Family’s role and their contribution

My parents were very open to this idea and everyone was supportive and neutral. During the course of my preparation it was my parents and friends who kept on motivating and kept saying keep moving, we are with you regardless of you clearing this exam or not.

My father in an Engineer, he works with a private company. My mother is a pre-school teacher and I have a little brother who is in 7th standard right now. I have my grandmother also living with us.

I prepared at home and didn’t move out anywhere. I used to play with my brother when I get bored with studies. When they felt this is the time for studying, they asked all relatives not to visit us.

There are many such small things that matters and add up to your preparation.

Beginners’ Mindset: Make a start with right strategies

I begun with little information I had and was searching for a clear idea about it and what does it require. In this process, the first thing that I picked up and acted on that advice; I started reading newspapers as I heard it works for UPSC.

Next, I was clear that I will prepare only at home accordingly, I joined a Foundation Course with Khan Study Group (KSG) in Bhopal. So, I did get basic idea about the syllabus, about subjects that I need to read.

I was clear “If you do nothing, nothing will happen” but, “If you work hard, you can achieve anything”. Moreover, the CSE 2015 with Tina Dabi (AIR 1; CSE 2015) as the topper was a morale booster for me.

She did it in her first attempt; this was another impetus and the biggest factor that worked positively for me was that Tina studied in the same institute.srushti-jayant-deshmukh-air-5-cse-2018-ias

Success inspires success!

So, by looking at her success and many others, I set a goal for myself that this is the place I want to reach.

As people say filling mind with positive thoughts makes big things happen. Spark about success in first attempt sent a clear message that my first attempt should be my best attempt.

If I say my first attempt should be the last attempt- it would be exaggeration. But, at the same time I was clear that each attempt comes with a baggage.  

So, my philosophy was why to take that kind of burden?

Take one attempt, prepare fully. Agree, sometimes things doesn’t favour. If I would not qualify, I would appear again with next attempt.

My foundation course was complete when I was still in college. I took my first attempt immediately after college. I graduated in 2018 and took first attempt.

Internet and Social Media

 I have kept away from social media for all three years. I was juggling with my college life with Civil Services Exam Preparation. So, handling social media would have been a third thing and frankly I was not able to manage it.

But, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t use internet. For updating, it was a bit in my preparation-plan.

What really worked for you?

The new thing that I understood something called ‘Aswer Writing’ on which really worked hard. After completing this course at KSG, I started studying at home and depended on internet whenever, I looked for things I needed.

In the end, it gives me immense satisfaction that I scored the highest marks in General Studies and actually showed the way to the top.

Credit for Success

Firstly, my parents and my family deserve the credit; my teachers – especially Dr. Khan and my school teachers because you develop your personality in school.

I will not hesitate to acclaim all my friends who were there to support me.

Secret of Success

There is no secret; it is hard work, just hard work

Advice to Future Aspirants

When we get into this examination we know that for covering this magnitude of syllabus we need to manage it smartly.

The following three things really worked for me:

    1. Discipline is very important
    2. Belief in yourself because until you don’t trust yourself, who else will?
    3. Positive attitude

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