Career in Civil Services: Think that you have only one attempt and try to give your best

Career in Civil Services: Think that you have only one attempt and try to give your best

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Career in ‘Civil Services’ is dream for many. Every year many success stories are written by talented, capable aspirants by showing courage and nerve.

When you are looking at something big, you have to plan, work harder and smarter with a strong desire to reach your goal.

In the society we live in, majority of educated and aspiring youth grow up with dream to be in the coveted Indian Administrative Service. Even, every parent wishes to see their kids to be successful in life and want to see them become IAS officers when they grow.

Every year, many talented and competent youngsters fulfil their as well as their parent’s wishes by achieving success in Civil Services Examination. Some of the successful candidates with top ranks go on to accomplish their dream and make career in coveted Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

For many Civil Services Examination remains a puzzle; while for some, it is sort of worship and they make all efforts to convert their dreams into reality. Most of these focused candidates achieve success in the very first attempt but, in case they are not able to make it to the merit-list in first attempt or were not able to get high ranks enough to get IAS; they go on to achieve it in their next attempt/attempts.

Look at Nandini KR (AIR 1, CSE 2016) who got selected in her earlier attempt in IRS made it to IAS in this attempt by topping this examination. Anmol Sher Singh Bedi  (AIR 2, CSE 2016) and many others cracked this examination in the first attempt itself. Every year many such success stories are written by talented, capable aspirants by showing courage and nerve.

It is all about grabbing the right opportunity at right time. When the crusade for career begins, everyone is optimistic about success but, many candidates perform below their potential, many carry an attitude of procrastination and lot of candidates succumb to pressure, difficulties and hurdles.

Among them there are a few who show a brave face to all problems and turn adversities in their favour and try to take control of all situations. Being acquainted meticulously about their campaign, they face each stage of the examination knowing that each step has the potential to turn into something big.

 “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Think that you have only one attempt and try to give your best.

Make your efforts meaningful
Civil Services Examination preparation is a long journey and one who understands the nature of examination, standard it requires and amount of focused hard-work it necessitates, enjoy the journey which takes to your dream career IAS.

You have to make it meaningful; in other words it has to be productive that delivers positive outcome.


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