ETHICS, INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE: UPSC releases sample questions for General Studies Paper IV

ETHICS, INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE: UPSC releases sample questions for General Studies Paper IV

Admin Last Update on: 21 Aug 2021

Giving a big comfort to the candidates appearing in Main Examination 2013, UPSC has released a set of sample questions for Paper V (General Studies Paper IV) ETHICS, INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE.

UPSC has released a set of six (6) questions on August 10, 2013 for Main Examination Paper V.

It was expected that UPSC would act on this front as the Paper V (General Studies - Paper IV) ETHICS, INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE has just been added in the new format for Main Examination and there was a complete void as candidates were confused how the questions would look like after looking at the syllabus for this Paper.

These sample questions have come at a very appropriate time as the candidates were getting serious on Main Examination 2013 preparation after the Prelims results were announced last week. The Main Examination 2013 is commencing from December 1, 2013.

These sample questions would give candidates a rough idea about the question that can be asked in this paper. However, UPSC has clearly mentioned that “these questions are indicative but not exhaustive. The range and depth of questions that would be asked may differ.“

Following are the sample questions:

What do you understand by ‘Ethical Human Conduct’? In what way is it important to be ethical along with being professionally competent?    

What do you understand by the following terms? Point out their specific relevance in public service;

(i) Intellectual integrity
(ii) Empathy
(iii) Perseverance
(iv) Spirit of service
(v) Commitment

Indicate two more attributes which you consider very important for public servants. Justify your answer. 

Which great Indian personality has inspired you the most as a role model and how have you been able to benefit in your own life by such an inspiration? 

You have been working with your team for almost a year. One of your subordinates Mr. A is very effective and hardworking, he takes responsibility and gets things done. However, you have heard that Mr. A makes loose comments about women. Mrs X who is working under A, comes to you, she is visibly disturbed. She tells you that Mr. A has been making undue advances towards her and has even asked her to go out for dinner with him. She wants to give a written complaint seeking action against Mr. A, what would you do and why? 

You have grown up with X, who has been your best friend since childhood.  You have shared your joys and sorrows and have been each   other`s confidante. Both of you are in your final year graduation and writing your final exams. In the exam you notice that your friend is copying and cheating a lot. What would you do and why?  


You are posted as the Medical Superintendent of a District level Govt Hospital which  caters  to  the  need of  poor patients from surrounding rural  areas  along with the local people from the district town. As such the hospital has very good infrastructure and adequate equipment to cater to this need. It also receives sufficient funds to meet the recurring expenditure. In spite of this there have been repeated complaints particularly from the patients which include the following:

(i) Very poor maintenance and un-hygienic conditions in hospital premises.
(ii) The hospital staff frequently demanding bribes from the patients for the services rendered.
(iii) The negligent attitude of the Doctors resulting in times of casualties.
(iv) Siphoning of a substantial stock of medicine by the staff and selling it out.
(v) Strong nexus between the senior Doctors of the hospital and the owners of local private nursing homes and testing labs as a result of which  the patients are strongly misled and dissuaded from availing the hospital facilities  and  rather compelled to purchase costly medicines from market and  get  medical  tests  and  even  operations  done  from  private  medical  houses.
(vi) There also exist a notorious employee union which puts undue pressure and resents any reformative step by the administration.

Ponder over the situation and suggest effective ways to tackle each of the above mentioned problems.

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