Performance of candidates from Broad Stream of Disciplines

Performance of candidates from Broad Stream of Disciplines

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Authentic information and details about Civil Services Examination helps aspirants to formulate the preparation-plan and also helps in building self-confidence as they are able to relate themselves with profile of successful candidates. To help you plan better, we bring the latest facts relating to Civil Services Examination from the 62nd Annual Report of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Civil Services Examination has been identified as the arena where candidates with humanities background reign. In the recent years, many Engineers/Doctors and candidates with higher professional degrees have made their presence felt and their representation in final selections is on the rise.

An important take away from the data from Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010 is that the overall number of humanities background candidates has fallen below 50 per cent. Out of total 11,865 candidates, the number of candidates with humanities background appeared is 5,631 i.e. 47.5 per cent only.

It clearly shows the dominance of candidates with Engineering/Medical Science background and their increasing share in the final selections. That is another story that most of them make cross-domain shift by leaving their streams by picking optional subjects from humanities/Literature of Languages and producing outstanding results.

Change your perception; it is your focus not your academic background which matters

Success in civil services examination depends on several factors which generally, has no relation to your academic performance and achievements.

The table below show that in CSE 2010, 59 per cent of the total 11,865 candidates appeared in Mains (Written) examination was with Bachelor Degrees and their performance was far above their Higher Degree counterparts.

As a matter of fact, their success rate is much above the average of the total.

Success-Rate vis-a-vis Broad Stream of Disciplines Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
Educational Qualification Number of candidates Success Rate
      Appeared      Recommended
1. BACHEOR DEGREES 6,965 600 8.6
(i) Humanities 2,135 112 5.2
(ii) Science 978 48 4.9
(iii) Medical Science 812 95 11.7
(iv) Engineering 3,040 345 11.3
4,900 321 6.6
(i) Humanities 3,496 230 6.6
(ii) Science 1,025 54 5.3
(iii) Medical Science 62 6 9.7
(iv) Engineering 269 25 9.3
(v) M. Phil & PhD 48 6 12.5
Total 11,865 921

(Success rate is the number of candidates recommended as a percentage of those appeared)

Performance of Humanities background candidates is better among Higher Degree candidates

Among Bachelor Degrees, about 31 per cent candidates belonged to Humanities background whereas among candidates with Higher Degrees, 71 per cent were from humanities background. This clearly shows that in recent years, Bachelor Degree candidates from humanities reaching Main Examination have shown decline and Higher Degree candidates with humanities background have demonstrated conviction.

The success-rate of Higher Degree candidates with humanities background (6.6%) is slightly better than the candidates with Bachelor Degree (5.2%); but, their success-rate is much lower than the overall success-rate (7.8%).

Performance of candidates with Medical Science and Engineering background is stunning

As pointed out in the beginning, the ascendancy of Medical Science, Engineering stream candidates has changed the whole complexion this year.

Although, Medical Science, Engineering stream candidates with Bachelor Degree have stormed the Main Examination 2010; even their share in total number of successes is stunning {Engineering – 345 (58 %) and Medical Science – 95 (16 %)}. Even, the success-rate is also more than 11 per cent which is much above the success-rate of Bachelor Degree candidates (8.6 %) and overall success-rate (7.8 %).

Interestingly, number of candidates from Medical Science and Engineering stream with Higher Degrees is significantly low; still, their success-rate stands tall.

Performance of candidates with M.Phil. & PhD is the maximum

Candidates with M.Phil and PhD Degrees has been the maximum (12.5 %) as 6 out of total 48 candidates appeared got recommended for selection.

Performance of Science background candidates

Among Science background candidates, it is difficult to say at what level one feels more confident as the number of candidates appeared is more or less equal among bachelor degree and higher degree.

Their success-rate is also in vicinity of 5 per cent which indicates the below average performance from candidates with Science stream.


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