Performance of Optional Subjects in English Medium

Performance of Optional Subjects in English Medium

Admin Last Update on: 29 Jun 2020

Optional Subjects takes a whole lot of guts to prepare! The list of optional subjects available in Civil Services Examination includes a host of subjects to choose from humanities, science and specialized professional studies.

For Mains, the aspirants need to choose 2 optional subjects from the list of given subjects from humanities, science, engineering and many literatures of language (Indian & Foreign).

Among English Medium candidates, a glance at Civil Services (Main) Examination 2008 data based on the candidates appeared with medium of writing examination in Paper I of the subjects reveals that maximum candidates appear with Geography (2474 candidates).

Public Administration (2081 candidates), Psychology (1030 candidates) are the 2nd and 3rd most preferred subjects.

Sociology (962 candidates), History (727 candidates) and Political Science & International Relations (512 candidates) comes next in candidate’s preference list.

Philosophy (232 candidates) one of the most popular subject is still to catch up in English.

Physics (227 candidates), Mathematics (220 candidates), Chemistry (103 candidates) and some life sciences subjects like zoology (413 candidates), Botany (270 candidates) are there which most of the science stream students prefer.

Anthropology (252 candidates) is another subject which a lot of the medical background candidates pick.

Agriculture (204 candidates) and Commerce & Accountancy (225 candidates) are again very popular optional subjects, and are attracting good number of candidate’s attention and producing good results.

Literature of Languages (Indian & Foreign) also attract large number of candidates from English Medium.

Before zeroing on any particular subject, weigh pros and cons associated with them. The first step towards your journey to career in ‘Civil Services’ is about to begin with your optional subject selection. Take an informed decision and move forward with your preparation-plan.


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